Why Anderson Cooper Has Banned the Kardashians From His Show

Getty Anderson Cooper is currently single.

It looks like the Kardashians won’t be appearing on any Anderson Cooper show anytime soon. The CNN talk show host has made it clear that he has no interest in hosting the Kardashians on his show Anderson Cooper 360°. Cooper appeared on Bravo‘s Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen where he spilled all in 2012.

During the show, Cooper played one of Cohen’s signature games: “Plead the 5th.” In the game, Cohen asks his guests a series of three intriguing questions, and the guest can only choose to not answer one, or to plead the fifth. For one of the questions, Cohen asked Cooper what guest he would ban from his show forever, to which Cooper replied, “the Kardashians.”

Four years later, Cooper’s assistant also echoed the sentiment. Kelly Rippa joined Cooper and Cohen on Watch What Happens Live, along with each of their assistants. Each of the assistants played a round of “Truth or Drink,” where Cohen asks them questions and they have to either answer them or take a shot. For one question, Cohen asked the assistants to answer, “One celebrity your boss refuses to have on their show.” Cooper’s assistant confidently replied, “the Kardashians.”

The Feeling Doesn’t Seem to Be Mutual

Cooper hasn’t held back his feelings towards the Kardashian family, but they may not feel the same way. A few minutes before Cooper revealed he has no interest in hosting the Kardashians for his show in 2012, Khloe Kardashian tweeted, “I love Anderson Cooper! #SilverFox,” referencing Cooper’s nickname.

Kim Kardashian has also expressed her positive feelings towards the talk show host. Cooper announced he had welcomed his son Wyatt Morgan Cooper on Instagram in April 2020. Kim Kardashian commented on the photo, “Blessings!!!!!” followed by red heart emojis.

While the Kardashians may not hold ill will towards Cooper, no family members follow Cooper on Instagram.

Cooper Called the Kardashians ‘Depressing’

Cooper further elaborated about his dislike for the Kardashians later that year on his show Anderson Live with his co-host actress Kristen Johnson. Prior to the show, E! announced that Keeping Up With the Kardashians was renewed for another three seasons of the show in April 2012.

When sharing the news, Cooper referred to it as “depressing.” Cooper added, “What made me really depressed is they’re going to get $40 million for the three years.” When Johnson told Cooper that she had never once seen an episode of the show, the audience applauded.

Cooper initially didn’t believe Johnson, implying that it’s nearly impossible to have not seen the show. Johnson insisted that she could just never get herself to do it. Cooper replied, saying, “I just think the guys on it seem dreadful.”

At the time, Kim Kardashian had just started dating rapper Kanye West. Cooper asked Johnson if she had heard the rumor or thought it was true, and Johnson replied that she didn’t care. “Sorry I just like talking about people who do something for a living,” Johnson snapped back, with the audience laughing and clapping.

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