Leslie Fhima’s Ex Husband David Is a Well-Known Minneapolis Chef

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David Fhima, the ex-husband of “Golden Bachelor” contestant Leslie Fhima, is an executive chef.

According to the St. Paul Pioneer Press, a newspaper in Minnesota, Fhima “was previously married to local restaurateur David Fhima.” She is a former professional figure skater who is a fitness instructor, the newspaper reported.

Fhima is one of the final two contestants on the “Golden Bachelor.” Theresa Nist is also vying for Gerry Turner’s final rose.

On the November 16, 2023, show, Leslie told Gerry Turner that “to death do us part,” was a foreign concept to her, “even with two marriages” in her past.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. David Fhima Is Involved in a New French Restaurant in Minneapolis & Works as an Executive Chef for Minnesota Sports Teams

According to Twin Cities.com, David Fhima was involved in a new restaurant opening in May 2023.

“Maison Margaux, the newest restaurant project from chef David Fhima and family, is set to open Friday, May 12, in the former Ribnick building in the North Loop in Minneapolis,” the newspaper reported.

According to that article, “Fhima and his family also run Fhima’s, a Moroccan and French-influenced fine dining restaurant, and Mother Dough bakery, both in downtown Minneapolis. He is also the executive chef for the Minnesota Timberwolves and Minnesota Lynx.”

On November 5, David Fhima shared a screenshot of a news article of his current restaurant Maison Margaux, and wrote, “We dared to dream… to see it become reality is enthralling. Thank you @dearlydara and @mspmag for eloquently and brilliantly putting our dream into words. This chapter in our family story is 💯 due to the dedication, love and incredible support of THE BEST hospitality staff in the world.”

2. David Fhima’s Parents Were Moroccan Immigrants of Sicilian & Spanish Heritage

Maison Margaux’s website describes David Fhima as “an award-winning Chef who runs multiple restaurants. We loved learning about French cooking with Chef David Fhima. Visit him at Maison Margaux, Fhima’s Minneapolis or Mother Dough Bakery.”

Fhima told Bold Journey, “I think I get my resilience from where most people get it… time and experience. All of us have had life experiences that have knocked us down, pushed us around and made us feel less than… The more of those you have, the more resilient you become.”

He added to that site:

I became a chef out of necessity, at first, but then grew to love the business. I’ve always loved food, I haven’t always loved cooking, it was simply the easiest job to get when I moved to this country. Connecting with people is something that makes my career even more special. I have tried new trends in cooking but, for the most part, have stayed close to my roots/my background

He told Bold Journey of his parents, “they were two people (my father of Sicilian descent and my mom with Spanish heritage) whose families immigrated to Morocco. They did not read or write but they were/are among the wisest people I’ve known.”

3. There Are 2 Divorce Actions in Minnesota Court Records for Leslie Fhima & David Fhima

david fhima

Hennepin CoDavid Fhima and Leslie Fhima divorce case.

According to Minnesota court records, David Jonathan Fhima filed for divorce against Leslie Beth Fhima in 1994. The case was listed as “dissolution with child.”

David Fhima was the petitioner in the divorce filing, according to court records. However, they reconciled.

In 1998, there is a second divorce case in the court system involving the pair. This time, Leslie Fhima was the petitioner against David Fhima.

leslie fhima court records

Hennepin CountyLeslie Fhima court record

There is another family court case involving the two from 1991, but the online court records don’t detail what it’s about.
According to the U.S. Sun, Leslie and David Fhima married in 1990 in Los Angeles, California.

The Sun reported the court awarded Leslie “sole physical custody” but ruled “that both parties be granted joint legal custody,” although the couple fought over child support.

According to The Sun, Leslie asked for David to increase his $340 a month child support with the health of “David Gotlieb- who appears to be a Minneapolis lawyer- has been helping her with her finances” and was her boyfriend at the time.

David “has been very generous in meeting my needs…has given me the use of a car, paid my automobile insurance,” she stated, according to The Sun.

“It is abundantly clear that there is no way I can meet my monthly budget with only $340 in child support…My boyfriend does not have an obligation to subsidize me.” According to thee Sun, David Fhima responded to the claims, as court records say, “Father brought his own motion for attorney’s fees, claiming the mother went on an expensive fishing expedition incident to her claim that the parties’ MTA (Medical Travel Account) was fraudulently procured.”

4. Leslie Fhima Has 3 Children & 3 Grandchildren

David Fhima’s son with Leslie, Elijah Fhima, responded, “love it pops.”

In 2018, Elijah Fhima shared a photo of Leslie on his Instagram page and wrote, “Happy birthday to my creator! A beautiful and honest soul. Your generosity and energy will transpire past any birthday to come. 60 looks gorgeous on you momma! I love you.”

According to People Magazine, Leslie Fhima has three grandchildren. As fans know, they made an appearance on “The Golden Bachelor” during the hometown dates.

According to the Sun, Chloe and Elijah Fhima are Leslie’s children with David Fhima. “Leslie had welcomed another child, Zack Chazin, from her previous marriage,” The Sun reported.

Leslie wrote on the obituary page of her first husband’s father, Milton Chazin. “Mitzie, you were a sweet man and a wonderful Father-in-law. You were also a great running partner. Thank you for being a special and very positive influence in Zack’s life… I know he’ll miss you and so will I. Love you, Leslie,” she wrote.

The Chazin family owns a construction company that Zack is involved in, according to the business website. The website reveals:

Milt’s son Bradley Chazin is now president of Western Construction, Inc. Brad’s first experience with Western was at eight years old. Milt would bring him to the garage construction sites so he could could do a thorough clean up. His pay for each garage he cleaned up was a quarter (yes, I said a quarter).

Brad’s work ethic was the opposite of nepotism; Milt always had Brad work a little harder for less money then the other employees. It was a great learning experience that Brad tries to teach the next generation.

Zachary Chazin, Brad’s son is the third generation Chazin to join the family business.

5. David Fhima Has Remarried, According to His Instagram Page

David Fhima is remarried.

He captioned one Instagram picture, “Surrounded by these beauties, my wife and daughters,surrounded by strength character and love… our family is impermeable to life’s challenges because of you @lifelongplay @mimifhima @racquelfhima @chlo_sophia_fhim and @daphnethedoll_.”

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