‘Married at First Sight’ Couple Has Filed for Divorce

Pastor Cal Roberson

Lifetime Being "Married at First Sight" doesn't always work out for couples. Pictured: "MaFS" expert Pastor Cal Roberson

Being “Married at First Sight” doesn’t always work out for couples, with Season 12 couple Virginia Coombs and Erik Lake filing for divorce on June 29, according to court documents. The split was first reported by SoapDirt.

The former couple has been separated since April 29, 2021, the filing says, adding their relationship was “irretrievably broken.”

“The parties admit that the marriage between them is irretrievably broken and the parties are unable to cohabit as man wife, there are no prospects of reconciliation,” court documents say. “The parties have heretofore separated and are now living in a bona fide state of separation, and it is their intention to live separate and apart for the rest of their lives.”

Lake and Coombs battled cheating rumors after someone on Reddit claimed they saw her without her wedding ring and  “ALL over a guy at The Ivy in Buckhead Atlanta,” as cited by ScreenRant.

Coombs took to Instagram in May where she said she always her ring. “My wedding ring never comes off,” she said at the time. “…Not trying to rush into picking out a ‘real’ one and I still use my silicone ones from Decision Day to work out and whatnot.”

Coombs Is Going to Represent Herself in the Divorce

While Lake hired an attorney, Coombs chose to represent herself.

I was further made aware of the fact that I should give consideration of retaining counsel on my behalf, in order to insure and protect my interests,” court documents read.

“However, after having received a full disclosure from my spouse’s attorney, and after having considered their suggestion that I give consideration to retaining counsel,” the filing continues. “I have freely, voluntarily, knowingly, and intelligently chosen not to retain counsel and have therefore chosen to represent myself in the matter regarding the dissolution of the marital relationship between my spouse and muse and myself.”

The divorce is slated to be finalized on July 30, 201, according to the filing.

Lake & Coombs Haven’t Announced Their Divorce

While the news about Lake and Coombs’ divorce has broke, the Lifetime reality TV stars have not publicly addressed their split.

Coombs did, however, claim she and Lake were going to take a break from social media.

“Social media can be very toxic. And for that reason, [Erik] and I decided a few weeks back to take our relationship off social media,” she wrote on Instagram, per SoapDirt. “We did a very public experiment and appreciate all the support but are currently enjoying some privacy. Please be respectful of that and remember to always be kind.”  

Even though she’s not talking about her relationship anymore, Coombs is still active on Instagram. She recently answered questions about her skincare routine, including a response from a fan that alluded to being the “bigger person with all the [s***] going on!”

“No one is perfect but I do try my best to be a good person, stick up for those I love, and remove negativity from my life… always, hope everyone has a good rest of the day,” she wrote via her Instagram stories on July 1. 

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