‘Love & Hip Hop’ Star Hospitalized After Mommy Makeover Gone Wrong

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A Love & Hip Hop star who went abroad to have plastic surgery has given an update regarding the complications she had since having surgery. Hazel E revealed on her Instagram in March that she was going to Istanbul, Turkey to have a mommy makeover and was going to get procedures performed including a tummy tuck, a breast lift and the fat removed from her double chin.

She had been documenting her experience and was open about having severe pain and other issues after her surgery. In her recent update via social media, she said that due to her complications she had to have her breast implants, which she had done in Mexico in 2015, removed.

“I’m just trying to push through. I couldn’t…They had to take my boobs,” she said as she laid in a hospital bed crying. “Now I just got to a new hospital because I’m getting a blood transfusion.”

She went on to say that her doctor at Comfort Zone Official “made the right decision” to remove her breast implants because if they weren’t removed she would’ve “gotten sicker.”

“I had to have the mommy makeover, then my makeover didn’t work so now I don’t have any boobs anymore — so you guys can’t f****** make fun of me anymore,” she added.

The Houston, Texas native wrote in her Instagram story that giving birth caused many changes to her body and she wanted to have surgery so her body could feel more familiar.

“I just wanted my old body back,” she wrote. “To embrace motherhood you have to love every new flaw that comes with it. Gut, nipples pointing to the ground, fatigue, backaches. This was the first thing I had tried to do for [myself] since before I was pregnant. I have some mom guilt that is ripping my heart apart. I was tryna have my baby be internationally known. I wanted her to be well-traveled before 1.”

She went on to advise people not to go out of the country to get plastic surgery.

“I don’t know, don’t go to Mexico and get boobs, I guess,” she continued. “Because I did it in like 2015, and it caught up with me in 2021.”

Hazel E Gave Birth to her First Child & Got Married in 2020

Hazel E announced she was pregnant in December 2019 and was welcoming her first child with her then-fiancee Devon Waller.

“I’m so nervous, happy, and anxious to take this journey but God had a plan when he placed you in my life @devonwallerofficial,” she wrote along with sharing a video of her ultrasound on Instagram. “We went half & made it thru the first trimester! (I wasn’t gone hide it from y’all forever, just wanted to make sure we secured the [baby].”

She revealed in June 2020 that she had given birth.

They also appeared on Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition, and when the show was finished airing Hazel E revealed that she and Waller tied the knot.

“It was an honor saying I do to you my King,” she wrote on Instagram. “You fulfilled every dream I ever had and more. I trust you with my whole soul and every fiber in my body. I’m so blessed to have you & now Ava. We been married it just wasn’t for everybody to know, we committed ourselves in front of our family & God. So now that bootcamp aired & y’all see we lasted.”

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