Reality Star Explains How She Ruined Relationship With Drake


Getty Drake attends the Los Angeles premiere of the new HBO series "Euphoria."

Former Love & Hip Hop star Jhonni Blaze was once rubbing elbows with superstar Drake but their relationship soured, and she takes full responsibility for it. During a virtual interview with The Jasmine Brand, Blaze spoke about how being immature and hot headed led to her and Drake not being on the best of terms.

“I did stuff to embarrass somebody for attention and it’s so embarrassing to say it but I used to be like that because now I would never do that,” she admitted. “He said something I didn’t like and instead of keeping it private… I went off. I thought that was so cool to do.”

In hindsight, she realized that she missed an opportunity to collaborate with the Grammy-award winning rapper.

“Don’t forget that you do music dummy and you could get songs with this person dummy and you’re messing up stuff dummy,” she said as she reflected about the mistake she made.

She went on to admit that she fabricated “a bunch of lies and posted stuff about him just being mean and being a girl in our feelings.”

Blaze, 30, said despite the past she and Drake are on better terms now because she isn’t blocked on social media anymore.

Jhonni Blaze Changed Her Stage Name to Jzapal

During another portion of her interview, Blaze explained why she changed her stage name to Jzapal, which is her real name. She spoke about how overcoming human trafficking, being molested at 14 and being sober for seven years inspired her to use her born name to rebrand herself.

“Jhonni Blaze will always be me. What you see is what you get. I wanted to show the world that this is serious. It’s people that are so gifted and we have depression. We have anxiety. We have all these things and we’re human. I look back and I’m like oh my God. I can play the piano blindfolded. I can sing and do all these things. What’s the reason I am not successful? It’s me. Damn.”

She added that the music department of her record label wanted her to change her name.

Jhonni Blaze Returned to Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta

During the fifth season of Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta, Blaze sat down with Deb Antney, who also previously starred on Love & Hip Hop as well, and discussed how she has matured since their fall out during a trip to Jamaica during season two.

“I feel like I can say I’m way better because of things I’ve done in the past, such as the Jamaica trip,” Blaze said. “It’s my attitude. I understand why people won’t take to me and it’s embarrassing.”

In the confessional, she also described how being in quarantine helped her change for the better.

“Quarantine has changed my life because you analyze more things when you’re home and you actually get to know yourself more,” she said. “I got tired of battling depression, anxiety and those are two things that I battle with. It was anger, blaming others for me not being successful. I am ready to release and show my story of what I’ve been going through.

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