‘Love & Hip Hop’ Star Announces Pregnancy With Twins

Pregnant woman

Getty Pregnant woman

Former Love & Hip Hop star Sexxy Lexxy, who was one half of the rap duo “BBOD,” has announced that she is pregnant.  The Harlem, New York native, born Alexis Smith, announced that was pregnant with twins on Instagram.

God Always Finds a Way To Make Everything Make Sense at The Right Time. I’m Pregnant With TWINS 🙏🏽 The Biggest Blessing I Could Receive This Year. No Designer, Car, Jewelry, or Money Can Compare To My Christmas Gift, I Am Forever Grateful 💖💙 @rellbugatti1 Thank You For Coming Into My Life Believing In Me, Becoming My Other Half; Ready and Willing To Build With Me and Now Our Family, I Love You ❤️ Merry Christmas To Everyone I Wish You Guys Many Blessings‼️

The father of her child, who goes by Rell Bugatti, also posted a message on Instagram about her pregnancy and revealed that she is pregnant with fraternal twins.

“You made me the happiest man on planet earth,” he wrote. “It’s unreal that god blessed us with twins. A boy and a girl. Alexis I vow to be the best father and husband I can be. Love you forever and a day.”

See the video of their gender reveal below.

Sexxy Lexxy Decided to Focus on Her Solo Career & Left BBOD

When Smith was first introduced to Love & Hip Hop viewers, she was a member of the female rap duo, “Bad B****** On Deck” also known as “BBOD,” with fellow Harlem rapper Miss Moe Money. After they exited the reality show, the group broke up. During an interview on New York City’s Power 105.1 radio station in 2018, Smith explained why they decided to part ways.

“I just wanted to work on my own solo career and brand myself as a solo artist,” she said. “I just feel like we outgrew each other.”

In 2019, she released her solo EP, The Diamond

“The meaning behind the project is that diamonds are made under pressure,” she said in a 2019 interview with Wazzup Radio. “I went through a lot but it groomed something beautiful.”

BBOD Were Never Official Love & Hip Hop Cast Members

Even though Miss Moe Money and Smith appeared on the entire sixth season of Love & Hip Hop New York, they were never officially members of the New York cast.

“What people don’t know is BBOD were never cast members on Love & Hip Hop,” Miss Moe Money said during an interview with IHeartRadio. “Never. We never were signed to a second season. We were actually signed as appearance people. Meaning we might be on a few episodes, here and there, which we actually knew. Our story turned out to be so big that we became, I guess, if you want to say, cast members because we were on the intro and everything. We never even got an opportunity to renegotiate our contract.”

Smith added that they became cast members and had no idea.

“They didn’t inform us that we were cast members. They never came to us like, “Hey, so listen. You guys are interesting. We want to make you’re cast members.” It never got to that point. But, whatever, we’ll just keep grinding. We’re not going to start no trouble.”


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