Who Played the ‘New Captain America’ in ‘New World Order’?

John Walker

Disney/Marvel Studios John Walker's debut appearance on "The Falcon and the Winter Soldier."

The first episode of “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier” – the newest streaming series from Marvel to come to Disney Plus – was a fairly straightforward look at how Sam Wilson/Falcon (Anthony Mackie) and Bucky Barnes/The Winter Soldier (Sebastian Stan) are faring since Thanos was defeated, but it did end on an interesting note.

After receiving Captain America’s iconic vibranium shield from Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) at the end of “Avengers: Endgame,” Wilson chooses not to take up the mantle in the early moments of “New World Order,” the debut episode of “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier.” Instead, he donates the shield to the Smithsonian Museum and is thanked by a government official for “coming forward” with the shield and that “it was the right decision.” Although Wilson clearly feels that only Rogers is worthy of being Captain America, the government doesn’t agree.

As Wilson watches on TV in the final scene of the episode, the same government official who thanked him at the Smithsonian is standing in front of a crowd at a press conference. He tells those watching that “The United States of America has a new hero” and asks the crowd to help him welcome “Your new Captain America.” At that moment, the doors behind him open and out walks a man fully garbed in Captain America’s outfit – helmet included – and carrying the shield Wilson had given away.

Who is the New Captain America?

It’s not immediately clear who is under the helmet because of, well, the helmet, but it’s also not too hard to figure it out. When Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige announced at D23 in 2019 that Wyatt Russell was joining the cast of “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier” as John Walker, this plotline was always in play.

In the comics, Walker a.k.a US Agent was selected to become the next Captain America when Rogers retired. He had also gained enhanced strength via the Power Broker system, but he was considered to be more severe than Rogers and some regrettable actions led to Walker’s dismissal as Captain America. Now known as US Agent, Walker tends to float the line between hero and villain at times.

Despite never seeing his face in the first episode, Russell is the third person listed in the credits for portraying Walker. This should remove any doubt that Walker is following his comic books past and has again been chosen to be the next Captain America in the MCU – well, at least for one episode. That decision likely won’t sit well with Wilson, which will likely provide some early tension in the show.

Wyatt Russell Prepared for Mixed Feelings From Fans

Wyatt Russell

GettyWyatt Russell attends the Premiere of ‘OVERLORD’ at the 2018 Sitges Film Festival.

In an interview with USA TODAY, Russell discussed the backlash his character could receive as the show progresses. While Russell says he understands that some would love the character and some would hate it, he hopes there isn’t too much hatred. Although, he did add that it would be an “honor” to be disliked in the MCU.

Elaborating on the topic, Russell then indicated why Walker may not be received with universal approval. True to his comic roots, Walker doesn’t always adhere to the strict morals and ethics of his predecessor. He is a grittier Captain America, and it appears that will be the case in the show as well.

“I don’t think there’s really been many MCU characters who’ve had quite the dilemma he’s had in terms of trying to fit into this sort of moralistic superhero world,” Russell told USA TODAY about his character. “He’s been thrust into this role as Captain America and he’s going to do it his way, and he wants to do it right. But his way is a very specific way that he has learned through being basically a trained human hunter. I mean, that’s what Marines are. They’re not Steve Rogers, they’re not the same. They’re not like Boy Scouts anymore. They’re a little bit more gnarly.”

While unlikely to emerge as a true villain in “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier,” Walker might have his fair share of tense conversations with Wilson and Barnes, who won’t like seeing anyone else as Captain America.

New episodes of “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier” will be available to stream Fridays on Disney Plus.

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