Miley Cyrus & Liam Hemsworth: ‘Flowers,’ Wedding & Relationship

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Getty Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth.

The Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth relationship and wedding are back in the news because of Cyrus’s new hit single, “Flowers.”

Cyrus’s song, “Flowers,” released on January 13, 2023, became the “fastest song to surpass 100 million streams in Spotify history,” Newsweek reported.

Many fans think the song, which is an ode to female independence after a failed relationship, is about Cyrus’s doomed relationship with Hemsworth, her ex-husband, although she has not confirmed that. Fueling the speculation: Hemsworth turned 33 on the song’s release date. The video has had more than 130 million views on YouTube.

Many people relate to the song. A woman wrote in the comment thread of the YouTube video, “I really needed this song at this particular point in my life makes you realize that pain doesn’t last always and it’s always a way to push through. Miley deserves all of her flowers she’s been fighting for a while it looks like she’s finally free and at peace.”

The song contains the lyrics, “I can buy myself flowers, write my name in the sand,” and “I can hold my own hand. Yeah, I can love me better than you can.”

On January 27, 2023, Hemsworth was spotted on the set of a new Netflix movie called “Lonely Planet” that was shooting in Malibu, California, according to Daily Mail. He is currently dating model Gabriella Brooks, Elle reported.

Miley Cyrus was still dating Liily drummer Maxx Morando as of at least fall 2022, according to E! News.

Here’s what you need to know about the Miley Cyrus/Liam Hemsworth relationship:

Miley Cyrus, Who Married Liam Hemsworth in 2018, Said She Lost Her Virginity to Him

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth

GettyMiley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth arrive for the premiere of “The Last Song.”

According to Stylecaster, Cyrus married Hemsworth in 2018, but their marriage only lasted until 2019.

Newsweek reported that the pair met while filming a “Nicholas Sparks’ adaptation ‘The Last Song’ together in 2009,” and then “embarked on an on/off relationship for several years before getting engaged in 2012.” They broke up in 2013 without getting married but then reunited and were married in 2018, Newsweek reported.

According to The New York Post, the wedding was “a small ceremony at home, surrounded by their immediate family.”

Cyrus admitted losing her virginity to Hemsworth at age 16 on the Barstool Sports’ “Call Her Daddy” podcast.

According to Capitalfm, some fans think the “Flowers” song is a play on Bruno Mars’ 2011 hit “When I Was Your Man,” speculating that Hemsworth once dedicated the song to Cyrus. Neither Cyrus nor Hemsworth has confirmed that detail, however.

Some fans also think the suit Cyrus is wearing in the “Flowers” video is the same suit Hemsworth wore to the “Avengers: Endgame” premiere in 2019, but that is also not confirmed.

Miley Cyrus Wrote In 2019, ‘I refuse to Admit That My Marriage Ended Because of Cheating’

Since “Flowers” was released, some fans and media sites have speculated that Cyrus’s gold dress is a dig at Hemsworth’s former “Hunger Games” co-star, Jennifer Lawrence.

When the marriage ended, though, Cyrus denied that cheating was the reason in a lengthy Twitter thread.

In 2019, Cyrus tweeted: “But the truth is, once Liam & I reconciled, I meant it, & I was committed,” she wrote. “There are NO secrets to uncover here. I’ve learned from every experience in my life. I’m not perfect, I don’t want to be, it’s boring. I’ve grown up in front of you, but the bottom line is, I HAVE GROWN UP.”

She continued: “I can admit to a lot of things but I refuse to admit that my marriage ended because of cheating. Liam and I have been together for a decade. I’ve said it before & it remains true, I love Liam and always will.”

Cyrus added, “BUT at this point I had to make a healthy decision for myself to leave a previous life behind. I am the healthiest and happiest I have been in a long time. You can say I am a twerking, pot smoking, foul mouthed hillbilly but I am not a liar.”

She concluded, “I am proud to say, I am simply in a different place from where i was when I was a younger.”

In the lengthy Twitter thread, she also wrote, “I can accept that the life I’ve chosen means I must live completely open and transparent with my fans who I love, and the public, 100% of the time. What I cannot accept is being told I’m lying to cover up a crime I haven’t committed. I have nothing to hide.”

She added, “It is no secret that I was into partying in my teens and early 20’s. I have not only smoked, but advocated for weed, I’ve experimented with drugs, my biggest song to date is about dancing on molly and snorting lines in the bathroom.”

Cyrus admitted, “I f***** up and cheated in relationships when I was young,” but she did not name that relationship. She added, “I got kicked off hotel Transylvania for buying Liam a p*** cake for his birthday and licking it.”

According to Stylecaster, shortly after she split with Hemsworth, Cyrus was “rumored to be with fashion blogger Kaitlynn Carter,” and they were “seen kissing at Lake Como on a joint vacation.”

After the split with Hemsworth, Cyrus spoke about it on Joe Rogan’s podcast. She told Rogan, “Me and someone that I loved realized that we don’t love each other the way that we used to anymore.” She added, “It’s just amazing to me that the public kind of thinks that there’s no gap of time that they didn’t see that could possibly be what led to this.”

She told Rogan: “Like, it’s not one day you were happy on the carpet, the next day you were making out with your friend in Italy. What the f***? There was a lot of time in between that that you didn’t see.”

Miley Cyrus & Liam Hemsworth Lost Their Malibu Home to the California Wildfires

The pair lost their Malibu home during the California wildfires, which, according to Stylecaster, some think was the inspiration behind the “Flowers” lyrics that goes, “We were right ’til we weren’t / Built a home and watched it burn.”

She told Rolling Stone in 2020 that the wildfire destruction “removed me from what no longer was serving its purpose. And then as you drown, you reach for that lifesaver and you want to save yourself. I think that’s really what, ultimately, getting married was for me. One last attempt to save myself.”

Cyrus spoke about the trauma from the fire to Howard Stern and how it affected her relationship with Hemsworth.

“We were together since 16,” Cyrus said. She continued to Stern:

Our house burned down. We had been like, engaged—I don’t know if we really ever thought we were actually going to get married, but when we lost our house in Malibu—which if you listen to my voice pre- and post-fire, they’re very different so that trauma really affected my voice. And I was actually in South Africa, so I couldn’t come home, and like, my animals were tied to a post at the beach. I lost everything.

She said in the podcast that she clung to what she had left of the house, “which was me and him,” admitting that she loved Hemsworth very much.

Miley Cyrus’s Sister Brandi Spoke About the Liam Hemsworth ‘Flowers’ Speculation in a Podcast

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth address breakup rumors

GettyMiley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth attend the 2018 Vanity Fair Oscar Party hosted by Radhika Jones at Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts

Brandi Cyrus, Miley Cyrus’s sister, spoke about the Hemsworth/”Flowers” speculation in a podcast she co-hosts with Bachelor Nation’s Wells Adams.

“The song did come out on his birthday — was that on purpose? I don’t know, can’t say. Genius though,” Brandi Cyrus said in the podcast.

She added: “I love Miley fans so much, they go hard in the paint. The fans on TikTok just keep creating narrative after narrative and it is so funny. It makes Miley seem like an absolute genius, and it’s just too good. Every day I wake up to a new one.”

Cyrus has admitted to writing lyrics referencing Hemsworth before. She told Howard Stern that a line in “WTF Do I Know?” was about Hemsworth “at that minute.” It goes, “I don’t even miss you.”

“Sometimes you miss you know people more than others, and sometimes, you know, things get easier. Time kind of heals all, but that was at a time where I felt really strong. And then somedays I don’t,” she told Stern.

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