Moth on ‘The Masked Dancer’ Clues & Guesses So Far 1/13/2021

The Masked Dancer Moth

FOX Moth in the "Group B Playoffs - These Masks Don't Lie" episode of THE MASKED DANCER.

For episode 3 of The Masked Dancer on FOX, the remaining 4 contestants from Group B take the stage for more performances, guesses, and clues. One of those Group B performers still in the competition is the Moth.

Here’s what we know about the Moth, and which celebrities could be performing behind the disguise of the Moth mask:


Moth on ‘The Masked Dancer’ Clues

When the Moth took the Masked Dancer stage for the first time, the panelists said Moth looked graceful and “model tall” with a slight frame.

At the start of the Moth’s first clue package of the season, she said “You know, Moths don’t seek out the spotlight. It draws us in, whether we want it or not.” Without naming names, she also said she was known for “making headlines with the president.”

With her unexpected fame, she revealed that she realized “If I couldn’t escape the spotlight, I would use it to shine a light on the things I cared about the most.” She added, “now, I thrive in the spotlight.”

Some visual clues that stood out during the Moth’s debut video clue package included a fork and knife, black cloth, Capitol building, the White House, a ladder, a tabloid magazine with the headline “Moth tells all,” and a sign that said “Box, Sweet Box.” Cacti and hay bales featured heavily on stage during the Moth’s country-themed first dance.

The Moth’s “Word Up” clue, which was delivered in her natural voice, was “inspired.”

The Mother’s second clue package was a “Moth Talk,” a clear play on TED Talks. At the start of the talk, she said, “I never thought in my life, I’d be standing before you today.”

The Moth revealed, “Once, I was just a shy little caterpillar trying to find my way in the world.”

Some visual clues that stood out were Queen Elizabeth and 5 dates on a clothesline. There was also a newspaper headline reading “Survivor Speaks. Be Brave. Be Smart.”

Moth’s second “word up” clue was “bestseller.” Guest judge Cheryl Hines said the voice sounded so familiar to her, and Ashley Tisdale wondered if she might be an author.

Before Moth took off her mask, the judges each got to ask one question. Here’s what they learned from the Moth.

– her friends would describe her as kind, genuine, and caring.
– she’s taller than Ken.
– she does not have brown hair.
– she plays at least one musical instrument.
– she has been on stage in front of thousands of people.

‘The Masked Dancer’ Moth Guesses

After the Moth’s first performance, the judges zeroed in on the political references throughout her clue package. The thought it could be Megyn Kelley, Monica Lewinsky, or Marla Maples behind the mask.

The Moth chose to dance to “Sway” by Michael BublĂ© for her second performance of the season. Brian Austin Green said that while dance might be new to the celebrity behind the mask, she moves naturally and looks like she really enjoys it.

Ken Jeong guessed Karlie Kloss, who did a YouTube learning series, is a “leggy” supermodel and has ties to the Trump family (which would explain the White House references).

Hines guessed Omarosa Manigault Newman or Megyn Kelley, while Green guessed Elizabeth Smart (influenced by the “date line” in the clue package). Green added that Smart is an advocate for child safety.

Paula Abdul guessed Elisabeth Hasselbeck or Kathy Griffin.

UPDATE & MAJOR SPOILER: At the end of the episode, Moth was eliminated. When she took off her mask, she revealed herself as activist, speaker, and bestselling author Elizabeth Smart!

New episodes of The Masked Dancer air on Wednesday nights at 8/7c on FOX.

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