Casey Cooper Says Many Co-Stars Knew About Her Pregnancy Before Arena

Casey Cooper

MTV Casey Cooper

The last episode of “The Challenge: All Stars” season two saw two more competitors leave the game, but this time it was without an elimination. Casey Cooper and Cohutta Grindstaff were told by TJ Lavin at the elimination that they had to pack their bags and leave since Casey found out she was pregnant.

Cohutta’s departure was shocking to many, especially as it came the week after Laterrian Wallace fought in the elimination for his spot in the game once his partner, Kendal Sheppard, was medically disqualified. However, many fans have speculated that because Laterrian was already voted in, he was able to compete for his spot, while Cohutta wasn’t in the Arena.

After the episode aired, Casey revealed that she didn’t want them to be the house vote because she thought Cohutta would be able to get a new partner if they weren’t voted in. She appeared on “MTV’s Official Challenge Podcast” and said many of her castmates were aware of her pregnancy and went along with her plan.

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Casey Said Several of Her Castmates Knew She Was Taking Pregnancy Tests & Eventually Her Whole Alliance Knew

In her podcast appearance, Aneesa Ferreira and Tori Deal asked Casey if she told anyone that she was pregnant before going to the Arena. She said, “Jodi [Weatherton] was the first person that actually knew, and that’s why she was trying to fight Brad [Fiorenza] a little” during their deliberation as the winners of the challenge.

Casey continued, “Jonna [Mannion] and Jasmine [Reynaud], they were both in my room, so they had known I was waiting on taking a pregnancy test,” and she said she later told Jonna at dinner. She said someone then told the rest of the alliance: “I think it was Jonna. It could’ve been Janelle [Casaneve], but I’m fairly certain it was Jonna that then told the entire rest of the alliance.”

Casey said she really wanted her alliance members to stick with her plan, and Cohutta knew about it as well. She told Tori and Aneesa she thought they would both stay in the game until the next challenge, where she would be disqualified and Cohutta would wait for a new partner, but that didn’t happen.

Casey Has Since Gotten Married to Her Fiance & Opened Up About Her Return to ‘The Challenge’

During her final episode, viewers saw Casey speaking with her fiance, Kyle Toups, on video call and telling him she was pregnant. Since then, the two have tied the knot, making it official on December 7, 2021. According to E! News, the intimate ceremony featured some of her “Challenge” co-stars, namely Teck Holmes, Ayanna Mackins and Nehemiah Clark. Casey and Kyle’s first child together is due in March 2022.

Casey said the second season of “All Stars” was her favorite “Challenge” season to date but she isn’t sure if she’ll return in the future. “Never say never. Like if I was gonna end it, I think that this would be a decent one to end it on,” Casey told Aneesa and Tori.

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