‘The Challenge: Double Agents’ Team Power Rankings After Ep. 8

The Challenge

MTV The Challenge: Double Agents cast

The competitors have made it deep into the game as another episode of MTV’s The Challenge: Double Agents is over. On Wednesday, the Daily Challenge forced players to use strategy and strength, and after, two competitors battled it out for a Gold Skull in The Crater with one contestant being sent packing.

Warning: This article contains spoilers from February 3’s episode of The Challenge: Double Agents. If you haven’t seen it and do not want to be spoiled, do not read any further.

On this week’s episode of The Challenge, The Daily Challenge featured a massive, muddy-water filled pit. And as most Challenge fans know, once you see that, you know things are going to get physical. For the first part of the challenge, the reality stars were tasked to find and wrestle a pole away from their competitors and race with it across the finish line.

It was played in four heats, with CT, Nam, Kam and Gabby winning them. In the second phase, the two women and the two men faced off against each other. CT and Kam emerged victorious. In the third part of the Daily Challenge, CT and his partner, Big T, took on Kam and her partner, Kyle, in the final wrestling matches of the day.

In the end, Kam and Kyle picked up their first win as a team and became the Double Agents.

After deliberation, the house voted in rookies Mechie and Amber M into elimination. And at The Crater, Kam and Kyle gave Josh and Nany a chance at a Gold Skull. TJ then revealed it was a male-only elimination, and Josh and Mechie battled it out for the last male skull.

Josh picked up his first elimination victory in four seasons, sending the rookie home. He elected to stay with Nany and Amber M became a Rogue Agent.

Five men hold Gold Skulls and we’re at the point now where there are no other free skulls up for grabs, meaning the men who want one will have to take it from someone who already has one.

With episode No. 8 in the books, there are nine teams remaining and one Rogue Agent. Read on to see Heavy on The Challenge’s Power Rankings:

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Heavy on The Challenge’s Power Rankings After Episode No. 8

After the eighth episode, we have assembled our power rankings. Heavy on The Challenge’s power rankings are based on two factors:

1. The team’s positioning in the house politically and strategically, and the likelihood of them making it to the Final Challenge. Having a Gold Skull helps elevate the team in the rankings.
2. The team’s potential to win the Final Challenge and earn a Challenge championship

*Our rankings are spoiler-free, meaning the rankings only pertain to what we have seen on the show so far.

Here are our rankings:

No. 1: Kam (Gold Skull) & Kyle (Gold Skull)

Kam & Kyle

MTVKam and Kyle from MTV’s “The Challenge: Double Agents.”

Kam and Kyle were No. 1 in our rankings last week and they remain at the top after episode 8. They had a fantastic showing during the Daily Challenge, with Kam winning her heat and then dominating Gabby and Big T. Although CT was arguably tired from his match with Nam and mentally checked out due to the low chance of Big T defeating Kam, Kyle still earned a win over the Challenge legend.

Kam and Kyle have both earned Gold Skulls and seem to be in a fantastic spot politically in the house. They have leveraged their relationships in hopes to not see The Crater again and if it pays off, they could make it to the Final Challenge and each earn their first championship.

No. 2: Kaycee & Leroy (Gold Skull)

Leroy & Kaycee

MTVLeroy and Kaycee from MTV’s “The Challenge: Double Agents.”

With two Daily Challenge wins under their belts, Leroy and Kaycee have held firm in the No. 2 spot. Not much changed for this team in terms of this episode as they still appear to be sitting pretty in the house.

Leroy earned a Gold Skull last episode when he defeated Jay and although Kaycee hasn’t gotten one herself, she seems primed and ready to get into The Crater.

No. 3: Cory & Theresa

Theresa & Cory

MTVTheresa and Cory from MTV’s “The Challenge: Double Agents.”

On paper, Cory and Theresa are one of the best teams in terms of having the potential to win a Final Challenge.

However, it looks like Theresa is on the chopping block heading into the next episode. Kam has made it clear she wants Theresa to go home and if the next episode features a female elimination, we could see Kam using her political might to throw Theresa in against a strong competitor.

Should Theresa emerge as victorious, Cory will also need to earn his Gold Skull as well. But if the two are able to punch their ticket to the Final, they’ll likely be frontrunners for the $1 million.

No. 4: Amber B. & Darrell

Darrell & Amber B.

MTVDarrell and Amber B. from MTV’s “The Challenge: Double Agents.”

Darrell and Amber B have yet to have a chance at a Gold Skull and it doesn’t appear that the cast is clamoring to give them one. Darrell is a massive threat in a Final Challenge, winning four of them in the past.

It sounds like a strategy that some competitors are implementing against Darrell and CT is to not give them a chance to get a Gold Skull. If that’s the case, Darrell and Amber B need to do something they haven’t done, win a Daily Challenge.

We still don’t know how many opportunities are left for Darrell and Amber B to win a Gold Skull, so they need to find themselves in The Crater soon.

No. 5: Nany & Josh (Gold Skull)

Nany & Josh

MTVNany and Josh from MTV’s “The Challenge: Double Agents.”

Josh did it! He finally won an elimination on The Challenge. And with it, he’s got a Gold Skull and likely new-found confidence. It’s now Nany’s turn to get a Gold Skull. If she can, and both her and Josh hang onto them, they could do decent in the Final.

Politically, Nany and Josh seem to be in a solid position in the house as well. They could leverage that, as they did with Josh vs. Mechie, to give Nany a chance at a skull.

No. 6: Aneesa (Gold Skull) & Fessy (Gold Skull)

Aneesa & Fessy

MTVAneesa and Fessy from MTV’s “The Challenge: Double Agents.”

Aneesa and Fessy are the only other team besides Leroy and Kaycee to have both players with a Gold Skull. Since the players are nearing the Final Challenge, those without a skull will frantically start trying to get one, so Aneesa and Fessy may be able to skate by without seeing another elimination.

There have been rumblings in the house about throwing Fessy into The Crater against a strong player, however as each male elimination goes by, the timeframe gets smaller and smaller. Aneesa doesn’t seem to be on too many peoples’ radars, and some may want to keep her in the game thinking they can beat her in the Final. Another line of reasoning we’ve heard is that by keeping Aneesa and Fessy out of elimination, Fessy can’t change his partner for someone with better endurance than Aneesa to run the Final.

As a team, Fessy and Aneesa performed poorly during the mini-final a few episodes back, coming in dead last. If that’s any precursor for how they’d do in a Final, it’ll be tough for the two to earn their first Challenge championships.

No. 7: Lolo & Nam

Lolo & Nam

MTVLolo and Nam from MTV’s “The Challenge: Double Agents.”

Like CT said during the episode, Nam and Lolo could be one of the fiercest teams in the house. Although Nam won his heat during the Daily Challenge, it still feels like there’s a disconnect with the team.

The fact that Lolo and Nam still haven’t earned a Gold Skull, coupled with their lack of Challenge experience, it’s likely going to be a tough road ahead for the rookies.

No. 8: Devin (Gold Skull) & Gabby

Devin & Gabby

MTVDevin and Gabby from MTV’s “The Challenge: Double Agents.”

Now that there are no other male Gold Skulls left, Devin could see himself getting sent back into The Crater soon. It’s well known that Devin isn’t respected athletically like a lot of the other male competitors in the house, which may make him an easy target for someone trying to get their hands on a skull.

Gabby won her heat during episode eight, which was an awesome milestone for the rookie. However, she doesn’t have a Gold Skull and with competitors like Kaycee, Lolo and Theresa needing one, she has a steep hill to climb.

No. 9: Big T & CT

Big T & CT

MTVBig T & CT from MTV’s “The Challenge: Double Agents.”

CT had a chance to put himself into The Crater this episode by winning the Daily Challenge and now he doesn’t have too many chances left to win a Gold Skull. Like Darrell, CT is one of the biggest threats to win a Final Challenge. It’s advantageous for players to keep the Challenge icon out of it.

Big T is one of the biggest characters on the show but it remains to be seen if she has the capabilities of winning an elimination, let alone a Final. Big T and CT need to make a move soon if they hope to race for $1 million.

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