Fessy Shafaat Says He Lied to ‘The Challenge’ Producers to Save Josh Martinez

Fessy Shafaat Josh Martinez

MTV Josh Martinez and Fessy Shafaat

The fight between Josh Martinez and Fessy Shafaat a few episodes ago was a major talking point on “The Challenge,” with some fans saying Fessy didn’t deserve the boot for his actions while others thought both should have been sent home because Josh threw his cup in Fessy’s face, splitting open his chin. In a recent appearance on the “Challenge Mania” podcast, Fessy gave more context about what happened with production and Josh staying on the show.

Co-hosts Scott Yager and Derrick Kosinski asked Fessy if he thought Josh should have gone home as well and he replied, “I’m not the one to make that call. I put hands on somebody I’m not supposed to do that.”

Fessy then revealed that after an injury or fight, contestants have to fill out an injury report and he had to do one because Josh threw a cup at his face and cut open his chin. He said that he wrote in his report that Josh threw it accidentally, though, telling the podcast, “me and him are best friends, it got out of line but it wasn’t gonna go further than that and I knew that and I was trying to protect us.”

However, Fessy said when the two were speaking on the bunk beds afterward, he was trying to make up and make it very evident that there was no issue between the two but Josh kept saying, “you put hands on me, you put hands on me.” Fessy added, “I don’t know if maybe whoever made the call thought he thought he was unsafe, I don’t know.”

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Fessy Said He Accepted Responsibility for His Actions & Shouldn’t Have Put His Hands on Him & Learned His Lesson

Despite how things played out, Fessy said he doesn’t have hard feelings and took responsibility for what he did. In an Instagram post after his removal from the show, Fessy said, “Obviously this is not how I wanted to go out but I take full responsibility for my actions. I consider myself a composed individual but it should’ve never escalated to this point and it’s on me at the end of the day.”

He also said on “The Challenge Aftermath” that he shouldn’t have put his hand out on Josh’s face and it was on him that it got to that point because both men were being prideful and stubborn. He admitted that he was shocked to be removed from the game but reiterated that the rules are fixed and it’s clear that contestants can’t put hands on their co-stars. “If I didn’t do that, I wouldn’t have gone home. So it was on me,” he concluded.

Josh Previously Said He Wasn’t Proud of His Actions But the 2 Are Still Close Friends Now

Josh also addressed the fight with Fessy and made it clear that he regretted his actions and that he was wrong for what happened. “sad that it took a blowup to realize that I appreciate what a solid friendship We have,” he tweeted. “He will always be like a brother to me & hope to see him win this game one day.”

In another tweet, Josh gave a shout out to Fessy and Kaycee Clark, his “Big Brother” alliance members, and told fans they “fight like siblings” but he has a lot of love for both of them and values their friendship. “I will never let a game get between my friendship with them again,” he concluded.

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