Fans Blast ‘The Challenge’ For Dee Nguyen Hypocrisy

The Challenge: Total Madness cast

MTV The Challenge: Total Madness cast

Last summer, in the middle of The Challenge: Total Madness airing on TV, MTV cut ties with contestant Dee Nguyen after she made some controversial tweets about the Black Lives Matter movement. In them, Nguyen joked that she’s been saying “black lives matter” since the “day [she] lost her virginity.”

When someone responded that people are dying, Nguyen responded, “People die every f***ing day. U don’t know me or what I do.”

Then Nguyen and Bayleigh Dayton got into it on Twitter and MTV subsequently cut ties with the Challenge champ.

But now fans are firing back because MTV has let plenty of other problematic comments slide over the years and they have the screenshots to prove it.

The Contestants Being Put on Blast are Fan-Favorites

The Challengers whose old tweets are surfacing include Jenna Compono, Johnny “Bananas” Devenanzio, Briana Lacuesta, Jordan Wiseley, Hunter Barfield, Zach Nichols, Laurel Stucky, Amanda Garcia, and Tori Deal. The only one of them currently competing on “Double Agents” is Deal.

The various comments include using the N-word, using the derogatory F-word, questioning why MTV would air a show called Black Love, and wondering if it costs “10 bucks and a burrito” to buy a Mexican baseball team. There is also a whole Reddit gallery of Bananas’ problematic tweets that include homophobic, transphobic and ableist comments. On that thread, one commenter wrote, “Bananas could literally be serving life in prison for murder and MTV would be lobbying to temporarily get him out for Challenge filming.”

Fans are not happy, especially in light of Nguyen being fired but none of these other incidents ever being addressed.

As Twitter user Reality Rioter said, “If Dee really wanted to, she could 1000 percent press charges against MTV if BMP decides to cast any one of these people again. So disgusting.”

But some Reddit fans think there is a difference between Nguyen doing it in today’s climate versus some of these tweets being eight years old. And as one user wrote, “If MTV fires everyone for what they said in the past we wouldn’t have a show to watch anymore.”

Nguyen Is Back on Social Media After a Long Hiatus

After MTV cut ties with her, Nguyen went on a long hiatus from social media. But in November, she came back to Instagram and said that she’s been doing a lot of writing, yoga, and meditation to help her mental health. She’s also being kinder to herself and “letting go of toxic people.”

“I found my zen. The last few months off has been a blessing for my health. I’ve taken time off to be introspective and I’ve been working on something big. A big shoutout to all my fans for still sticking by me,” she wrote in one post. adding in another, “Practicing gratitude daily has helped me deal with life and it’s curveballs. No matter how hard things get I’m always thankful for my health, my wealth and love from family and friends.”

She also recently took a vacation to Panama, writing that she’s “so grateful for this life” as she’s “spending [her] days chasing the sun.”

The Challenge season 36 airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on MTV.

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