‘The Challenge’ Finalist Blasts Format, Says Men Had an Advantage

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The final challenge of the popular spin-off show “The Challenge: All Stars” was released on Paramount Plus this week and the final push to win $500,000 did not disappoint fans. Warning: This article contains spoilers for the entire season of “The Challenge: All Stars” including the winner of the show.

The show was set up as an individual challenge, with alternating eliminations between men and women, and one single winner at the end of the show taking home $500,000. The final saw several checkpoints with competitors pairing off in guy/girl pairs until everyone had been paired together once. Points were earned based on the position teams finished each leg in and the second half of the final was an individual run up a mountain worth double points.

“The Challenge: All Stars” was won by Yes Duffy, who came in first ahead of Darrell Taylor, followed by Kellyanne Judd and Jonna Mannion in a tie for third place. After the final episode aired, Kellyanne took to social media to criticize the format and said there should have been both a male and female winner as the final format wasn’t fair to the female competitors. She posted:

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Kellyanne Criticized the Format of the Final & Explained Why It Wasn’t Fair to the Women

Kellyanne said if the entire show was designed for one winner, they shouldn’t have had eliminations separated by gender, as “who cares if @KendalSheppard was a threat to the women if the guys could still beat her up a mountain.”

In response to a fan pointing out that the point system in the final was an equalizer, Kellyanne wrote, “Yes, the point system was great! IF they’d have had day 2 the same style as day 1. Or if the one section that was individual was mental over physical. Something where Testerome didn’t come into play.”

Kellyanne then posted a long note explaining her position and saying that doing a final based on physical strength to promote equality between men and women isn’t “empowering women,” but is instead “holding us to unrealistic measures.”

In her message, Kellyanne explained that, “Women are not as strong as men. Some women are stronger than men but as a whole that is not the case. We have more estrogen — so that we can carry children — men have more testosterone… There is a reason we have male and female Olympics.” She continued:

We don’t fight to be equal so that we have to go against men in physical sports, we fight so that our league gets paid the same as men. We understand that most men in the World Cup could beat most women in the World Cup, but that doesn’t mean that the women’s soccer league should get paid less.

In reference to “The Challenge,” Kellyanne wrote, “There are many women who could beat these men in a foot race up a mountain, but we shouldn’t have to be 2-3 times better of an athlete than the men on the show, and be good at puzzles, in order to have a shot at winning… It’s time to start showing us the respect we have earned.”

Kellyanne Gave More Details About the Gruelling Final, Including the Eating Portion Which She Said Was Incredibly Difficult

Kellyanne also provided more context about the final, including the eating portion, which she said was very difficult. She explained that “the longer u took to eat the colder & harder the food got” and that it was “horrific.” She said contestants didn’t get a toothbrush after and “There was so much fat in the intestines that I had to wipe the fat off of my teeth with a napkin multiple times in order to keep chewing.”

Kellyanne also pointed out that it wasn’t really equal that a contestant the size of Mark Long received the same amount of food on their plates in the eating challenge as someone the size of Ruthie Alcaide.

She also said it was very cold and they even had ice in their sleeping bag, which wasn’t insulated. The water in her backpack froze and she wasn’t able to get any sleep: “I am so impressed by all of the the ppl who did sleep & who really didn’t complain. I also wish they would have complained, I would have enjoyed that more,” she wrote.

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