The Challenge Throwback Photo Ignites Major Feud Among Stars

The Challenge War of the Worlds 2

MTV The Challenge War of the Worlds 2 cast

This week, one cast member’s trip down memory lane ignited a big feud between two “Challenge” competitors that raged for a couple of days afterward.

It all started when Theo Campbell posted a series of photos reminiscing about his time on “The Challenge” but it soon escalated to an all-out war between his “War of the Worlds 2” co-stars Laurel Stucky and Paulie Calafiore.

Theo posted 10 photos and captioned them, “Some @challengemtv reminiscing, The show will test like no other! Was on Times Square for 8 weeks but they won’t let me in America still. Anyone who has a contact at the U.S Embassy hit me up cos I need to to go Vegas before I die.” The photos were highlights of his time on the show and the final photo in the series was Paulie lying on the ground gassed out during the season’s final:

The post prompted many responses from “Challenge” stars, including a reproach from Cara Maria Sorbello, Paulie’s girlfriend and Theo’s partner in “War of the Worlds.” She wrote, “Do me a favor and dont tag me in photos where you dog my boyfriend who constantly talks highly of you. This s*** is getting old.” It was Laurel’s comment, however, that set off a firestorm between her and Paulie, as she wrote, “Lolllll the anchor pic. Why won’t they let you in the US?”

Paulie lashed out at Laurel in a reply, writing, “Still bitter you had an embarrassing exit that season huh crazy eyes… I guess we at least had that in common.” Laurel hit back, “lol no its just embarrassing you talk so much on the internet but you die in finals.” In response to one fan comment, Paulie wrote, “Laurel wishes she had the stat sheet Cara has. She has a weird obsession with her.” He added, “EARLY BOOT. Embarrassing for being a ‘legend.'” Laurel wrote:

I don’t have to read those long drawn out responses. I will say your jealousy of all cast members who are actually on the show is profoundly obvious, and your desperation to be cast is not a [good] look on you. But keep up the good work on trying to instigate problems with everyone who stays being asked back. Tuning out loser.

Paulie replied, “Jealousy that you all tried your best to get me banned and the only thing you succeeded in was getting me off total madness. Unlike your jealousy of Cara that oozes out of every podcast you do. PS. You instigated this.”

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Both Laurel & Paulie Then Blasted Each Other in Videos

The feud then continued out of the comment section as both Laurel and Paulie made videos of their own to share on their Instagram Stories. Laurel shared a video in which she chuckled that making a comment on someone’s post laughing about something that was “f****** funny” set off such a chain reaction.

Paulie shared his own video on his Stories and started by saying, “I’m not even gonna address the situation.” The reality star then went on to explain in his lengthy video that he and Theo had only been joking with each other and hinted that Laurel was a “butthurt individual.”

Paulie also slammed competitors who have criticized him for not winning a final yet, explaining, “I don’t claim to be the man to beat in finals but I sure as hell am the man to beat to make it to a final. So if we’re on the same season, you have to beat me or outsmart me or leverage wins in order to make the final which no one has proven that they can do.” During Paulie’s 3-season career, he racked up 20 daily wins and holds an elimination record of 3 wins and 3 losses.

A Few Days Later, Laurel Said She Was Disingaging & That She Doesn’t Have Beef With Cara Maria & Paulie Replied

The latest in the feud between the two came on May 12 in the evening, when Laurel posted on her Instagram Stories what she said was her final comment on the situation. She clarified that she has “currently no beef with Cara Maria.” She said the last time she saw Cara Maria was at the “War of the Worlds 2” reunion. “I saw her getting into the elevator,” she shared. And I said you do know that if you ever need to call me, I’m here.” She added:

Debate all you want about who’s the best athlete in ‘The Challenge’ but don’t discredit somebody who’s put in hard work. Cara is a ‘Challenge’ champion and so am I.

Laurel concluded that she was done “engaging in bulls***” and added, “fools need no response, they embarrass themselves… little did I know that laughing at something that actually happened would be so triggering but I guess it sucks when you die in a final.”

Although Laurel said that was her last message about the situation, Paulie wasn’t finished as he shared another video message on his Instagram Stories, beginning with “hello lying Laurel.” He said he didn’t believe that she has no beef with Cara because she recently went on Johnny Bananas Devenanzio’s podcast and “absolutely [dogged] her” for two hours.

He said during Laurel’s podcast appearance, all she did was “belittle” Cara Maria and “make fun of her” and say she wasn’t sure why Cara was the way that she was. “You were her supposed best friend during a time period when she was dating a not-so-nice guy and I don’t need to go into detail about that cause that’s her story to tell but that could probably relate to why she was the way that she was,” he added. Paulie eventually concluded his video by saying, “you’re trash and you will always be trash.”

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