TJ Lavin Trolled as ‘Prima Donna’ by Challenge Champs

TJ Lavin

Getty BMX rider and television host T.J. Lavin arrives at the sixth annual Fighters Only World Mixed Martial Arts Awards at The Palazzo Las Vegas on February 7, 2014 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The longtime host of “The Challenge” TJ Lavin is beloved by cast members and fans alike but two champs recently trolled the BMX legend over his finish-line move on the CBS spinoff.

Johnny “Bananas” Devenanzio hosted “The Challenge: USA” winner Sarah Lacina on his podcast on September 29 and the two ended up teasing TJ for not waiting for Sarah at the finish line. The “Survivor” star explained to Bananas what happened when she arrived at the top of the mountain in Argentina and how she learned that she was the female champ.

Sarah told Bananas that when she arrived at the flag, there was nobody there except for one producer, Katie Gallagher. The two then went into a cabin and Sarah explained that she was feeling dejected at coming in last. Danny McCray was the only competitor inside along with TJ Lavin and a few other people. She said she asked Danny, who was wrapped in a sleeping bag and drinking hot soup, where everyone was and he replied that he was the first competitor there.

Sarah said she left the puzzle last and didn’t pass anyone, before eventually asking the producer if that meant everyone else quit. The producer confirmed it and Sarah shared that her reaction was, “No f****** way!” Bananas and Sarah then trolled TJ for not waiting for Sarah to fill her in at the finish line.

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Sarah Said She & Danny Had to Go Back to the Flag & Film the Ending With TJ

After Sarah shared on the “Death, Taxes and Bananas” podcast what happened at the top of the mountain, Bananas asked, “Where the hell was TJ? He couldn’t wait for you at the flag?”

Sarah said she wanted to go back out to the finish line to have a happier reaction. “I thought I just lost $250,000 and now you tell me I won?” she said. “Why didn’t you tell me that out there? Because I looked like an idiot out there.” Luckily for Sarah, she and Danny were told they had to go back to the flag to film the finish line scene with TJ.

The two competitors ended up wearing different clothes from the finale because they didn’t want to put their soaked and freezing clothing back on. “All because prima donna TJ could not wait for you at the top of the mountain for you to come up,” Bananas exclaimed. “It’s like, listen Teej you couldn’t have waited an extra thirty minutes to an hour?”

Sarah Said TJ Was in the Cabin When She Arrived But That He Thought She Already Knew She’d Won

The two champs laughed as Sarah said TJ was one of the people sitting in the cabin when she arrived: “The f***er was in the cabin,” she said, and when she walked in he was “sitting there bulls***ing with these mountaineer guys.”

Sarah said the host told her, “‘oh hey good job Sarah.’ And I’m like ‘thanks, you couldn’t even go out and see me finish dude?'” she laughed. Bananas then jokingly accused TJ of “quitting” and said, “Nobody likes quitters TJ.”

Sarah later explained that when she spoke to TJ about it, he told he that he thought she already knew she’d won. “He didn’t know that I didn’t know,” she shared. “Not cool TJ!” the USA champ joked.

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