Night Agent Season 2 on Netflix: Release Date, Details

night agent 2

Getty Night Agent cast.

The Night Agent is trending on Netflix. That has a lot of people wondering whether there will be a season 2.

The answer is yes. According to Esquire, there wasn’t originally supposed to be a second season of The Night Agent, but it became the third most popular show on Netflix ever, so now it’s been renewed. According to Men’s Health, Netflix announced there will be a season 2 on March 29, 2023, a week after the show started streaming.

According to Netflix, season 1 premiered on March 23, 2023.

According to Radio Times, season 2’s release date will be in 2024, although the exact date has not been announced.

Be forewarned that there will be some spoilers for Night Agent season 1 in this post. Season 1 was based on a book by Matthew Quirk. There is no second book, so that makes season 2’s storyline up in the air.

Here’s what you need to know:

The Night Agent’s Creator Says Season 2 Would Be a ‘Whole New Location With a Whole New Set of Problems’

GettyD.B. Woodside, Fola Evans-Akingbola, Hong Chau, andSarah Desjardins attend the Los Angeles premiere of Netflix’s “The Night Agent” at TUDUM Theater on March 20, 2023 in Hollywood, California.

Season 1 of The Night Agent ends with Peter Sutherland (Gabriel Basso) receiving an offer from the president to work as an agent in the field, with Rose Larkin (Luciane Buchanan) hoping to restart her tech career in California. Men’s Health reported that Basso will return in season 2, but it’s unclear how Larkin will fit in.

The show’s creator, Shawn Ryan, spoke with Collider about The Night Agent season 2.

“I always knew that I wanted each season to be a mostly standalone story. In this case, the center of gravity was Washington D.C. and the White House, and it had this host of characters, but for the most part, we answered most questions and we’ve settled what happened in that,” Ryan told Collider.

“Hopefully, that’s a really satisfying journey for the audience. In a Season 2, if we do one, I think it would be a whole new location with a whole new set of problems, and a small number of characters from Season 1 would be part of that, but mostly new characters would be surrounding them,” he continued.

“And then, that would tell a one-season story. I wasn’t interested in doing a thing serialized thing and ending on some cliffhanger in Season 1, relating to everything that was happening in Season 1. I think there’s only so much patience your audience has, for all of that,” Ryan continued.

Season 2 Would Likely Explore Where Peter Sutherland Is Going as a Night Agent, Reports Say

Ryan also spoke about a season 2’s plotline to Deadline.

“I really love the questions that we need answered on: What does it mean that Peter would be a night agent? Where is he going?” he told Deadline.

“Now that Rose is going back to California to try to restart her tech career, where does that leave Peter and Rose? I think these are all questions that we almost certainly would love to answer in a potential Season 2, and I certainly hope we get the opportunity to do that.”

He again stressed that he wanted season 1 to stand on its own, telling Deadline, “What I will tell you is that the initial pitch for this show that we sold to Netflix was that each season would tell its own, mostly self-enclosed, a beginning, middle and end story, and any future seasons would include a few but not most of the characters that we saw in the previous season.”

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