Andy Cohen Talks Denise Richards Contract Negotiations


Getty Andy Cohen in 2013

In a recent interview with People, Andy Cohen spoke about Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Denise Richards’ exit from the show, as well as her contract negotiations.

“I’m just upset that we couldn’t reach an agreement for next season, I’m kind of living in that sadness,” Cohen said on People’s Reality Check, as noted by Us Weekly. “We were negotiating a deal with her and we couldn’t reach an agreement on the deal, She has a family and kids. Whatever happened or didn’t happen, I would imagine that it’s something she didn’t really care to discuss on a television show.”

Richards was a member of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills for two seasons, but recently her rep announced to Variety that Richards would not be returning for Season 11. Richards had quite the difficult season, as she fought with many of her fellow castmates as well as battled affair allegations from Brandi Glanville.

Richards Had Reportedly Signed a Four-Year Contract With Bravo

According to Radar Online, Richards supposedly signed a $4 million, four-year contract in 2018. “She was guaranteed to appear on the show for four seasons,” an insider told Radar Online at the time. However, now, that may not be true, as Cohen said they weren’t able to reach an agreement.

Although Richards may have had a tough season, some may find her leaving the show to be abrupt. According to Us Weekly, in July, Richards told The Washington Post that she “would return for Season 11 if it makes sense.” Richards also told The Washington Post, as noted by Us Weekly, “I actually had so much fun my first season, and I formed genuine friendships. This season was very different, but I would never say I regret anything. I just roll with the punches.”

Richards Sent ‘Cease and Desist’ Letters to the Cast This Season

During the season 10 finale of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, it was revealed that Richards had sent cease and desist letters to some of the show’s cast and crew. The cease and desist letters may have affected some parts of this season or even the reunion show. In June, Brandi Glanville also revealed that she had been served with a cease and desist from Richards.

“I’m not gagged, it’s a cease and desist, but it doesn’t mean I have to follow it,” Glanville shared on a June 25 episode of The Rumour Mill podcast. “But after being sued by another Housewife about a few years ago, I’m just choosing to figure out when and where and how I can talk.”

Glanville continued, “I have talked to the producers about trying to figure out a way because I’m not going to talk about it if she’s gonna sue me. They’re working on that. We do have contracts that say we can’t sue each other, but it hasn’t stopped her from sending me a cease and desist. The funny part is that she doesn’t even know what I said, and I haven’t said anything negative, but it is what it is.”

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