Andy Cohen Could Make a RHONJ Power Move

Teresa Giudice, Andy Cohen and Melissa Gorga.

Heavy/Getty/Bravo Andy Cohen talks future of RHONJ.

Andy Cohen is doubling down on comments that he made at BravoCon 2023. According to ET’s Sander, Cohen said that “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” was “not sustainable” with Teresa Giudice and Melissa Gorga at odds.

Cohen addressed the comments on the April 11 episode of SiriusXM’s Andy Cohen Live.

“What I want to clarify is that I maintain that statement. It isn’t a sustainable universe to have kind of two camps on the show and I think you see that with Potomac this season and why a lot of viewers, including me, were frustrated with it, but I will say this. It somehow worked this season,” he admitted.

The fourteenth of the New Jersey franchise will premiere on May 5 on Bravo.

Here’s what you need to know:

Andy Cohen Is Happy With How Season 14 of RHONJ Turned Out

Season 14 is the second season the the “Real Housewives of New Jersey” have filmed without Giudice and Gorga speaking to one another. The women each have their respective friend group on the show and don’t interact at all — barely even sharing glances at one another.

On his radio show, Cohen said that while it may not work in the future, season 14 ended up playing out just fine.

“We got through the season and it worked and it’s interesting and as I think you see from the trailer, the season is not about Melissa versus Teresa and I think that’s great, yet they’re both still on the show and we want to see them on the show,” he explained.

Regardless, Cohen is excited for fans to see the new season.

“They’re both, you know, they’re both stars and they’ve been on the show, you know, forever, so it worked this season, but I stand by what I’m saying that for the future, it’s not sustainable. I don’t want you to think that what I said was a condemnation on this season,” he added.

Melissa Gorga Said the New Season of RHONJ Is ‘Very, Very Different’

Aside from the fact that they are related (Gorga is married to Giudice’s brother), Giudice and Gorga have managed to completely stop communicating after they had a huge fight at the end of season 12. Once the Gorgas decided to skip out on Giudice’s wedding to Louis Ruelas, there didn’t seem to be any looking back.

On the January 25 episode of her “On Display” podcast, Gorga talked about the season ahead.

“It’s definitely a rollercoaster, up and down. And we’re about to air again in the spring, sometime this spring. And it’s very, very different,” she told her podcast guest, Denise Richards.

“We don’t even speak to each other. It’s a very, very different season,” she added. Despite having no communication with her sister-in-law, Gorga thinks that things are more peaceful.

“I think it took us awhile to get to that point, to realize that this might be what it is and we need to accept it. I think finally everyone’s breathing, we’re actually all — including the other side — everyone is happier how it is right now,” she explained.

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