Andy Cohen Shares Dating Life Update

Andy Cohen

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“The Real Housewives” executive Andy Cohen is used to asking personal questions at each season’s reunion and on his talk show “Watch What Happens Live”, so it’s not often that Cohen lands on the other side of the questioning. Cohen found himself in just that position during his February 29 interview on “The Kelly Clarkson Show”.

During the interview, Cohen and Clarkson opened up about both being single in New York City, and Clarkson was shocked to learn that Cohen was on dating apps, asking him “How are you on dating apps? You’re you.”

“I heard that you’re riding the subway,” Cohen responded, comparing putting himself out in public on the subway to listing himself on a dating app. “And I love the subway too, and so here’s the thing. Big whoop, I’m on dating apps, I feel you should be on dating apps too.”

Andy Cohen Reveals His Type

Despite Clarkson’s fear of safety when it comes to dating apps (especially for those in the public eye), Cohen explained that he does not share that same fear. “You know, you meet in a public place. You can’t connect unless you both swipe on the person.”

Cohen went on to open up about what he looks for in the dating field. “I always wind up swiping on the people who have no interest in me or the ‘Housewives’. It’s like I sniff them out. I want an architect from Queens, I don’t want a ‘Housewives’ fan from Midtown East,” he told Clarkson, who asked him to keep an eye out for any architects to send her way.

Cohen recently spoke about his dating life with Luann de Lesseps when she appeared on a January episode of “Watch What Happens Live”. According to Bravo, after asking de Lesseps about her dating life (to which she replied, “I’m really happy being single. Although I’m a hopeless romantic and I would like to find love a third time around. You know, like they say, three time’s a charm. But nobody I want to introduce to my kids yet, you know what I mean?”), the Countess flipped the question back on Cohen.

“I’m single and ready to mingle, absolutely. I mean, you and I hitting the town together — that would be dangerous,” Cohen told de Lesseps, who agreed to Cohen’s pitch that they spend one “wild night out.”

Andy Cohen’s Kids Are Growing Up

In another segment of his “Kelly Clarkson Show” interview, Cohen opened up about his children, telling Clarkson, “Ben had just turned 5 and Lucy is going to turn 2 soon.”

Cohen went on to share a funny story about his oldest son Ben, who doesn’t always like when fans approach his father on the street.

“We were in Starbucks the other day, and someone came up and said ‘Are you Andy Cohen?’ and I said ‘Yes,’ and I kind of kept it moving because I was with Ben. And we walked outside and he said, ‘The next person to come up and say that, I’m going to say “Get out of here!”‘” Cohen recounted.

While Cohen asked Ben to frame his response more politely, he said that Ben went ahead with his original plan of screaming, and Cohen ended up taking a picture with the fan because he felt so bad that his son screamed at him.

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