Caroline Manzo Says Danielle Cabral Unfollowed Her After Getting on RHONJ

Caroline Manzo.

Getty Images Caroline Manzo talks about her relationship with Danielle Cabral.

Caroline Manzo may have more than one enemy on the “Real Housewives of New Jersey” cast.

In August 2023, Manzo appeared on SiriusXM’s Jeff Lewis Live where she opened up about new cast member Danielle Cabral, whom she says is her “niece.” During the conversation, Manzo told host Jeff Lewis that she’s the reason that Cabral landed a spot on the show — and while she went to Manzo for advice  prior to filming, Manzo says the two are no longer in touch.

“Well, she did originally when they were considering her, she called both myself and my daughter Lauren and, you know, ‘What do you expect?’ and I was brutally honest with her. So was Lauren and then, you know, I guess she got the gig, whatever, and then strangely, she unfollowed all of us including my niece and everything and never thanked anybody. Nothing,” Manzo said.

Cabral joined RHONJ as a full-time cast member on season 13 and is expected to return for season 14. Manzo was on the franchise from its inception but left in 2013 after season 5.

Here’s what you need to know:

Fans Have Reacted to Danielle Cabral Not Speaking to Caroline Manzo

While the information about being unfollowed by Cabral may have been news to some people, many fans knew that Cabral stopped talking to Manzo after getting cast on “The Real Housewives of New Jersey.” In fact, dozens reacted to this information on a Reddit thread in June 2023.

“Caroline said she was asked for her opinion of her before they hired her. She told Bravo she thought she’d be a good addition. Since then not one word from Danielle,” one person commented on a thread.

“Yea that’s the one rookie mistake/ woman you should give thanks for someone putting in a good word for you that I can’t overlook with her,” someone else said.

“This b**** got on the show bc of Caroline Manzo (is Danielle’s step aunt) and hasn’t spoken to her since,” a third comment read.

Danielle Cabral Is Friends With Teresa Giudice, Who Has Feuded With Caroline Manzo Over the Years

During her first season on RHONJ, Cabral aligned herself with Teresa Giudice. Cabral’s decision to unfollow Manzo and her family could be because of the longstanding feud between Giudice and Manzo that erupted when Giudice accused her then-co-star — and former friend — of tipping off the FBI about her and her now-ex-husband Joe Giudice’s financial situation.

Giudice has since issued an apology to Manzo, through someone else, which Manzo’s son, Albie Manzo, revealed on an episode of the “AllAboutTRH” podcast in July 2023.

Manzo did venture a guess about why Cabral has unfollowed her.

“Maybe she doesn’t like the, you know, the reference with her name and my name attached, and maybe she wants to forge her own way. I have no idea. We don’t have that relationship that I could even figure it out because it’s just the kind of thing like I see her at a christening or a graduation party. Nothing else beyond that,” Manzo explained.

“I’m not throwing shade or anything. I’m just telling you facts. You know, facts are facts, so, I don’t know what her thought process is and like I said, I’m a pretty big reason why she’s on the show and Andy said it, you know, to her in front of all the other ladies, so I’m glad she’s on,” Manzo told Lewis, adding that she’s “glad” that Cabral is on the show.

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