Reality Star Appears to Hint That She Wants to Join RHOBH

RHOBH season 12 cast.

Bravo Could there be a new full time Housewife on RHOBH?

Some fans are starting to think that the “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” could be adding a new full-time star for season 13.

For a couple of years now, “Selling Sunset” star Christine Quinn has been rumored to be joining the RHOBH cast, but nothing has come of said rumors. In May 2020, for example, Quinn actually told Page Six that she was relating to the Bravo stars — and wouldn’t be opposed to joining the ladies if the opportunity presented itself.

“This quarantine, I’m telling you really turned a ho into a housewife because I find myself going on Williams Sonoma. I got a bread maker, I got a pasta maker. I’m really relating more and more to these ladies every day and I’m loving it,” she said.

More recently, Quinn has given off some clues that she could be in the running to hold a diamond of her own.

Here’s what you need to know:

Fans Noticed Quinn Has Been Liking Tweets Suggesting She’d Be a Good Fit on RHOBH

In recent weeks, Quinn has been actively likely tweets from fans suggesting that she would be a great addition to the “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” cast.

“I’ve never watched the show but absolutely would if @XtineQuinn was in it,” one person tweeted on January 3, 2023. Quinn liked the tweet.

“ive been PRAYING for this for like 2 years PLS @XtineQuinn @BravoTV,” read another fan’s tweet which was also liked by Quinn.

“Christine Quinn joining rhobh please,” a third Twitter user said — and Quinn liked that post, too.

Heavy has reached out to Quinn’s rep for comment.

Quinn Recently Left ‘Selling Sunset’

Quinn is no stranger to reality television. She starred on Netflix’s “Selling Sunset” for the show’s first five seasons, but left ahead of season 6.

In August 2022, E! News reported that the decision for Quinn to leave the program was “mutual.”

“I think that it was something that had been in the works for so long. You know, my husband and I have been working on RealOpen for so long, you know? It was a year and a half in the making. So in my mind, I was already checked out,” Quinn told E! News a couple weeks later.

She went on to say that the show she left wasn’t the show she started on and she didn’t seem to be a big fan of the changes.

“I think that people tune in to see the original characters that were a part of the show, and that was the five girls from season one. Throughout the seasons, they started adding and adding and adding, and by that, it dilutes the recipe. Now they have the sauce, but the recipe is not the same, you know? It’s gonna be like, owning your favorite pizzeria and you’re like ‘God, I love that Bolognese.’ And then the chef goes on vacation to France, and you’re like, ‘Oh s***, this is like a s*****, watered-down version of the Bolognese that I used to like,'” she explained.

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