RHONJ Star Reveals Why There’s a Chance She Wouldn’t Come Back

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“Real Housewives of New Jersey” star Danielle Cabral began starring on the show during its thirteenth season, which premiered in 2023. According to Reality Blurb, Cabral shared she may not want to be an RHONJ season 14 cast member during the June 13 “RHONJ After Show” episode. Cabral explained that she found filming season 13 difficult and would “have to really think about” staying on the series. She stated that “there’s probably like a 20 percent chance” that she would turn down an offer to star on RHONJ season 14 because of the issues she had with her season 13 co-stars.

“15, 20 percent chance … I don’t know it was a lot. You’re asking me the truth, how it was, it was very difficult for me. I was never put in situations like that. Not — I was a kid in high school when I dealt with s*** like this. It goes against everything I stand for as a person, as a human, as a woman … trying to destroy another woman,” said the 37-year-old.

The mother of two clarified that she felt like she was “the one getting destroyed” by her castmates during season 13.

“So it takes a lot,” continued Cabral.

Danielle Cabral Shared She Believes ‘There’s Massive Changes That Have to Happen’ on ‘The Real Housewives of New Jersey’

While speaking to Access Hollywood’s Housewives Nightcap in May 2023, Cabral stated that she did not believe all of her RHONJ season 13 co-stars will be on the season 14 cast.

“I don’t because nobody wants to see the same show we filmed and that’s what would happen. We’d fall right back into that,” said Cabral.

The mother of two also referenced Teresa Giudice and Melissa Gorga’s ongoing feud. She suggested that she did not believe the sisters-in-law will be able to film another season together.

“I think there’s massive changes that have to happen. You know, if they want to work it out, it is what it is,” said Cabral. “I know that a lot of us can all get into the room right now and go — but we want — I can’t go back into that same environment, just can’t. Sucks the life out of the room.”

Danielle Cabral Spoke About Talking to Melissa Gorga About the Rumor

In RHONJ season 13, episode 10, Jennifer Aydin told Cabral that she and Giudice heard a rumor from Margaret Josephs’ friend, Laura, that Gorga was caught kissing an unnamed man. When Cabral told Aydin she wanted to discuss the claim with Gorga, the mother of five implored her not to tell the “On Display” singer in season 13, episode 15. Aydin claimed that she wanted to let Gorga know about the rumor, but refrained from doing so because she did not “want to hurt [Gorga’s] family.”

However, during the season 13 reunion, Aydin revealed she had spoken to Gorga about the rumor months before RHONJ season 13 started filming. Upon finding out this information, Cabral asserted that she did not “feel set up” by Giudice or Aydin to discuss the rumor while filming the RHONJ season 13 finale. However, in a private moment with her husband, Nate Cabral, the RHONJ star said her castmates “set [her] up.”

Cabral spoke about the situation during the Access Hollywood’s Housewives Nightcap interview. She asserted that she decided to tell Gorga about the rumor of her own volition. She explained she brought up the rumor to Gorga because Aydin had mentioned it “on camera” when they “talked about it in Ireland.” Cabral stated that she wanted to offer the mother of three “a chance to say that’s not true.”

“That’s where my mind was at. It was already brought out on camera, let her deny it. And I make my own decisions. Jen and Teresa, I love them but they don’t put any influence on me to do anything I don’t want to do,” said Cabral.

Jennifer Aydin Discussed the Rumor in June 2023

During a June 15 interview with MarTEAni Time, Aydin clarified that she did not believe the rumor that Melissa Gorga cheated on her husband, Joe Gorga, was true. She also claimed that Josephs was the original source of the rumor.

“I don’t think [Laura] is lying. That’s not to say that I think [the rumor is] true. I believe that Margaret for whatever reason, either was gossiping or maybe with a game of telephone, embellishing some kind of story, whatever the case may be — it came from Margaret,” said Aydin.

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