EXCLUSIVE: Attorney Says Erika Jayne Is ‘Cyber Bullying’ His Wife

Erika Jayne.

Getty Images Erika Jayne rips attorney's wife on Twitter.

Erika Jayne had a social media exchange with Lauren Richards, the wife of attorney Ronald Richards, and it has fans talking.

The “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star has been a topic of conversation for Ronald, who often tweets about criminal cases — including that of Tom Girardi and RHOSLC star, Jen Shah. Richards is a criminal defense and civil litigation attorney.

Erika and Ronald are not fans of one another, perhaps for obvious reasons, but in a new tweet, Ronald said that Erika “verbally attacked” his wife.

“It’s really disappointing when your spouse, who has nothing to do with our cases, gets verbally attacked by an older woman who is upset at her own mess or receipt or misappropriated trust account funds. ⁦@ErikaJayne Is this really necessary?” he tweeted, sharing a screenshot of a message that Erika sent his wife.

Heavy reached out to Mr. Richards, who said that Erika has been “cyber bullying” his wife.

“The issue is simple. For whatever reason, weeks ago, Erika Girardi started publicly attacking my spouse on our IG feed using profane and vile language. She has never met my spouse nor knows anything about her. Then, on Friday, she posted the grotesque comments which were discussed on our Twitter feed. Then she started direct messaging her comparing me to her disbarred husband who stole over $50,000,000 from clients and lied to lenders. We don’t know why she is cyber bullying my spouse nor involving her in our on going litigation. It’s that simple,” Ronald Richards told Heavy.

Heavy has also reached out to Erika’s rep, but has not yet heard back.

Here’s what you need to know:

Lauren Shared Messages That She Says Erika Sent Her While Erika Claims That Lauren ‘Inserted Herself’

Erika’s message to Lauren was seen in a screenshot shared by Mr. Richards on Twitter.

“Lauren, get back on all fours and take it in the ass from the beast you’re married to,” the message read. Following Ronald’s message to Erika in which he asked her if the message to his wife was “really necessary,” Erika responded.

“Shut up. She inserted herself. B**** ass. This ain’t my first rodeo,” Erika wrote. She did not elaborate.

While it’s unclear how things between Erika and Lauren started, Lauren shared a screenshot of direct messages that she says she received from Erika. In the messages, posted on July 10, 2022, Erika warned Lauren to “be careful” and said that her husband will “turn” on her.

“I have never met Ms. Girardi nor do I understand why she is targeting me on social media.  It is deeply sickening that after all these victims have gone through, that she still shows no empathy for their plight,” Lauren Richards told Heavy exclusively.

Ronald believes that Erika’s tweets were the result of her drinking.

“It appears she drinks a lot at night in my opinion and this is what causes the vitriolic messages to my spouse,” he told Heavy.

Fans Criticized Erika on Reddit

Shortly after the messages were posted online, someone shared a screenshot on Reddit where “Real Housewives” fans reacted to the reality star’s tweets.

“She’s so misogynistic and disgusting ugh I hate that she has a platform,” one person wrote.

“She needs to be fired. She’s an awful human being. She’s never contributed one positive thing to the show. She’s not even the villain viewers can tolerate at this point. She’s a legitimate puke,” someone else added.

“Erika Jayne Girardi is a disgusting human being. First she attacked Garcelle’s sons, now she attacks someone who has nothing to do w/ her or her case. Erika Girardi is deranged. Who in their right mind would still defend this pos? I’ll answer for you: Only a sleazebag degenerate would still defend Erika,” a third comment read.

“Erika could not be any less self-aware. She thinks that she comes off as cutting and clever. But she comes off like a sad, unsophisticated middle-aged woman who wears beer bloat, bad extensions and the shame of not being smart enough to check the receipts when marrying for money,” a fourth Redditor said.

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