2 RHOBH Stars Have Buried Their Feud During Season 13

Sutton Strake, Erika Jayne, Kathy Hilton, and Kyle Richards.

Heavy/Getty Two RHOBH stars are moving forward with their friendship.

Erika Jayne and Sutton Stracke have decided to put their differences aside and get along. The two “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” stars have had an extremely rocky friendship since Stracke joined the cast in 2021.

Though Erika Jayne and Stracke haven’t seen eye-to-eye on a variety of topics, the two women are getting along much better as they continue to film season 13.

“I think we got tired,” Stracke told Access Hollywood. “I think we got tired of fighting. I think we just got worn out. We, you know, we’re both Southern and we just were like ‘ahhh…Can we just please stop?'” she explained.

Here’s what you need to know:

Erika Jayne Was On Hand to Support Sutton Stracke as She Celebrated the 4th Anniversary of Her Boutique

Perhaps further proving that Erika Jayne and Stracke are prepared to leave the past in the past — at least for the time being — Erika Jayne showed up to Stracke’s SUTTON boutique to celebrate the shop’s four-year anniversary.

While at the event, Access Hollywood caught up with the reality star to ask how she ended up on better terms with Stracke — good enough terms to want to support her and her business.

“I got here because I wanted to be here,” Erika Jayne said. “Because things moves on. Because life moves on. And because you have to turn the page and you have to go forward and that’s why I’m here,” she added.

Other “Real Housewives” stars, including Meghan King and Kim Richards, also attended the event, which was held on March 29, 2023.

When Erika Jayne was asked if she’s “good with Sutton this season,” she responded, “I’m good today.” “We’re in the middle. There’s a lot going on. So, at any moment, you know, anything could happen,” Erika explained.

After the event at Stracke’s boutique was over, she thanked everyone for their support in an Instagram caption. “Still thinking of all the support and love I’ve gotten the past four years for @thesuttonconcept Thank you all,” she wrote.

Erika Jayne & Sutton Stracke Have Tried to Move on in the Past

During season 12, Erika Jayne and Stracke seemed to be getting to a better place with one another. In fact, the two sat down together and appeared to have a productive conversation during which they both expressed being ready to move on from their past “problems.”

During the After Show, Erika Jayne admitted that she wanted “peace” but said that she wasn’t sure what would happen in the future. “I want peace and I don’t want hostility,” Erika Jayne said.

Erika Jayne said that she went to Stracke’s home with an “open mind and an open heart” and she felt that it was “received.”

For Stracke’s portion of the interview, she didn’t seem too sure about her friendship with Erika Jayne, saying that she couldn’t “trust” her.

“I don’t wish her harm. But she’s not a friend,” Stracke said during the interview. “I can sit at the table with her, but she’s not a friend. She never will be,” Stracke continued.

Season 13 of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” is still filming and is expected to air on Bravo sometime in the fall of 2023.

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