Fans Show Concern for Gia Giudice After Latest Photo Share

Gia Giudice.

Bravo Gia Giudice

Fans are begging Gia Giudice not to get lip injections and to keep her face natural after she shared a post on Instagram in which several fans felt she looked “different.”

The “Real Housewives of New Jersey” star shared a photo of herself in a lace purple top with black bottoms. She appeared to be wearing minimal makeup and looked very tan as she posed on what looked like a dirt path amid some trees.

“Happy, happy,” she captioned the post. While several fans told Gia that she looked “stunning” in the pic, several comments reflected concerned fans who are hoping that Gia doesn’t get fillers in her face or injections in her lips.

Here’s what you need to know:

Fans Thought Giudice Looked Different in Her New Pic

Shortly after Gia shared the photo on June 20, 2022, the comments section filled up with people begging her not to do anything to her face.

“Looks like you’re getting tooooo much work done. Rethink that choice,” one person wrote.

“Your beautiful, you do not need more lip injections please stay away from it,” someone else said.

“Oh please don’t start with the lip injections like your mom. you are to beautiful to need that . looks to fake,” a third person added.

“You are so beautiful! Please leave your face alone,” a fourth comment read.

“Oh no!! Gia!! You’re a natural beauty. Please stop the injections. So young,” another Instagram user chimed in.

Other fans suggested that Gia stay out of the sun and someone encouraged her to take care of her skin. The comments continued to roll in, and many felt that Gia looked “different” in the photo.

Gia Had a Nose Job When She Was 19

While Gia isn’t too forthcoming about what she’s been doing to her face in terms of injectables, she has shared videos of herself getting hydrafacials and dermaplaning from time to time.

Her look has changed drastically over the years — and Gia previously admitted to having plastic surgery; When she was 19, she she underwent a rhinoplasty.

“Yes, I got a nose job. Yes, I’m swollen. Thank you so much, @drtobiasnyc. I’m absolutely in love with it:heart_eyes: I am an adult now, this has been an insecurity of mine for a while and I’ve never been happier and so comfortable in my own skin!!” Gia wrote on Instagram in 2020, according to Us Weekly.

In a post shared by her doctor showed a before and after of Gia’s profile, which he called “soft and balanced” post-procedure.

In February 2022, a Bravo fan account shared a then vs now photo of Gia, showing one from when she was very young and another one from present day. Fans couldn’t get over how different she looked and took to the comments to discuss.

“She looks too old for her age! Tough stuff not attractive! Like her mother,” one comment read.

“She looks like a troll doll from the 80’s,” another Instagram user added.

“Who even is that,” someone else asked.

“She looks ridiculous,” a fourth person said.

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