Heather & Terry Dubrow Comment on Reports of Public Argument

Terry Dubrow and Heather Dubrow in 2018.

Getty Terry Dubrow and Heather Dubrow in 2018.

Real Housewives of Orange County” star Heather Dubrow and her husband of 23 years, Dr. Terry Dubrow, appeared to quarrel while attempting to dine at a Crystal Cove establishment called A Restaurant, per Radar Online. The photo showed the mother of four pointing her index finger toward the “Botched” star. The publication reported that sources alleged the argument ensued due to the fact there were no seats available for the couple.  

According to Reality Blurb, the Dubrows shared their thoughts about the Radar Online report on Heather’s Instagram Stories. While laying in bed, Terry looked at the article, stating, “It was last night. Remember we went to Javier’s and had dinner and we went to A’s for a drink and you wagged your finger at me? And you wore your frustration on your face. I took the brunt of it. She even ‘wagged her finger in his face, which didn’t go unnoticed by patrons.’” 

Heather was quick to dismiss the claims that she was fighting with the plastic surgeon. 

“So the question is, could everyone realize this is nonsense or is this gonna incite it further?” asked the RHOC star. 

She also asserted that they “had already eaten” and suggested they were not waiting for a table. The “Jenny” actress then jokingly apologized to her husband for her alleged behavior. 

“How dare you do that to me?” quipped Terry. 

Heather Dubrow Addressed Rumors that Terry Dubrow Had an Affair 

Heather Dubrow.

GettyHeather Dubrow.

Heather commented on claims that her husband had been unfaithful during their marriage while speaking to Entertainment Tonight in October 2022. She denied the rumors and asserted their relationship was strong. The Bravo star also suggested the allegations came from a disgruntled individual. 

“You know success breed contempt and we did not get to this age and this level of success without having been stolen from, blackmailed, threatened, you know all those things, having disloyal people in our lives,” said Heather. “We have also had unbelievable, amazing, fun, great times and amazing people in our lives, it’s a balance. You have to not listen to those things.”

The mother of four also noted that the couple sold their Newport Beach mansion and now own a Los Angeles penthouse. Heather hinted that she eventually plans to move back to New York. 

“I think as a New Yorker transplanted to L.A., dragged down to Orange County, I’m migrating home, okay? So let’s just see what happens there,” said the reality television personality.  

Heather Dubrow Stated Her Move to Los Angeles Strengthened Her Marriage 

Heather Dubrow

Getty ImagesHeather Dubrow.

During a November 2022 episode of her podcast, “Heather Dubrow’s World,” Heather shared her move to Los Angeles has strengthened her relationship with her husband. 

“Interestingly, I guess, since we sold our house, we are back in our honeymoon period of time,” said the RHOC star. “Where we are sitting around and going ‘Oh my god. We can go anywhere. We can do anything. We have two kids out the door, third kid on her way, and the fourth not that far behind, where do we actually want to live? What do we want to do?’ It’s so fun. Like we are having so much fun with it.”

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