Jennifer Aydin & Bill Aydin ‘Family Secret’ Exposed on RHONJ

Getty Images Jennifer Aydin and Bill Aydin's marriage is a major storyline on 'RHONJ.'

Jennifer Aydin will have a major storyline on the new season of “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” which will begin on February 1, 2022.

On December 20, 2021, the “RHONJ” season 12 trailer was released, and fans got a sneak peek of what promises to be an explosive season filled with plenty of drama. It’s Jennifer’s family crisis, however, that seems to be getting a lot of attention.

After several seasons of having a strong bond, it looks like Jennifer and her husband, Bill, had their marriage put to the test — and it’s unknown if the two will end up coming out of it okay.

Here’s what you need to know:

Margaret Josephs Exposes an Aydin Family Secret

Back in August, there was a rumor that Margaret was the cause of some serious problems between Jennifer and her husband. The gossip came by way of a blind that was sent in to DeuxMoi.

“A certain Jersey housewife who became famous for wearing pigtails but now mostly wears wigs and fake extensions, got doused with a glass of rose over the weekend when she took things too far with another wife [whom] she is trying to ice out of the group. She’s more upset, though, that her friend who she brought onto the show is siding against her and didn’t have her back when she got soaked,” the blind read. You can see it on Reddit here.

According to the cast bios provided by NBC, Margaret is the one behind the exposing of this “family secret.” “After revealing an Aydin family secret, Margaret deals with the guilt that comes along with causing pain to Jennifer,” her season bio reads.

The rumor is that Bill cheated on Jennifer years ago, and while the two dealt with it, Jennifer is forced to relive it — and to explain things to her children, who are old enough to understand some of these things now. Other anonymous sources wrote in to DeuxMoi claiming that Bill is still unfaithful to his wife, which is something that could come out on the new “RHONJ” season whether it’s true or not.

Bill Aydin Cheating Rumors Have Been Around for Years

Believe it or not, this isn’t the first time that the Aydins have been hit with cheating allegations. Back in 2019, it was Margaret who suggested that Bill was cheating on Jennifer.

During an argument on the show, Jennifer says that she thinks that people’s personal lives should be kept private.

“You’re right, you’re absolutely right. That’s why your husband sleeps in the f****** pool house,” Margaret snaps. “My husband doesn’t sleep in the pool house, honey. I’m secure in my marriage so it doesn’t bother me where the f*** he sleeps,” Jennifer responds.

“Whether it’s in his girlfriend’s bed or not,” Margaret says — which could be foreshadowing for the upcoming season.

“Jennifer publicly faces the biggest hardship and insecurity in her marriage when family secrets are revealed and rise to the forefront. After the news is brought to light, not only does Jennifer fight to protect her family, but she’s also left to reevaluate her contentious friendship with Margaret,” Jennifer’s official Bravo bio reads.

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