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Real Housewives of Orange County’s Kelly Dodd is standing her ground on accusations she made against a fellow cast member.

The Bravo star in an exclusive interview with E! News stood by what she said about Braunwyn Windham-Burke during the first part of RHOC’s reunion earlier this month. Dodd, 45, made headlines when she called her co-star, who has been open about her relationship with alcohol on season 15 of the show, a “fake alcoholic.”

Dodd told E! News that she is “skeptical” about Windham-Burke’s past experience with alcoholism.

“This is my opinion, not that it’s Bible or gospel. I go by facts and I go by facts only. Do I think Braunwyn is lying about alcoholism? I’m skeptical about it because she’s a liar — admitted lying all last season and she claimed that she needed to carry the show this year,” Dodd shared with the outlet.

Windham-Burke, 43, revealed during the season’s premiere that she was an alcoholic and that the show helped with her sobriety. The mother of seven came out as a lesbian last year and revealed she is currently dating a woman, GLAAD reported.

Here’s what you need to know:

Dodd Said She Does Not Think Her Co-Star Is a ‘True Alcoholic’

Dodd told E! News that, although she thinks Windham-Burke has an “alcohol problem,” she doesn’t think the 43-year-old has been honest about her relationship with the substance.

She added that she believes Windham-Burke pursued sobriety on the show for a “storyline.”

“She said she was called boring, Boring-wyn, last year. And so she wanted to create storylines and I know that for a fact. I was there,” Dodd told E! News. “I know everything that her agent told her to, she needed to stop drinking and it she became sober it would be a great storyline for her.”

Dodd continued, “I think she does have an alcohol problem, I don’t think that she’s a true alcoholic. The timing is just totally suspect, right?”

Dodd Said She Hasn’t Spoken to Windham-Burke Since the Reunion

Dodd said she hasn’t spoken with Windham-Burke since the reunion, which aired part 2 on January 27, according to E! News.

“No, I haven’t spoken to her at all. No one has,” Dodd told E! News prior to the release of the second reunion episode. “She’s completely alienated herself from the group. She doesn’t want to have anything to do with any of us, but then she’ll go hang out with Salt Lake City girls. It’s so beyond me. It’s an ensemble cast, we’ve got relationships and she’s completely alienated herself.”

She added:

And listen, I’m all about getting yourself clean and sober, all about AA and those things…My best friend is a true alcoholic and I know what that is compared to her. Now does she have a drinking problem? Yeah. I just feel like her storylines are made up and that’s just my opinion. I’m glad that she’s cleaning herself up but she’s completely alienated herself…I just question her motives and her honesty.

Windham-Burke Has Denied That She Created Her Substance Abuse Issue for the Show

On December 9, Windham-Burke took to Twitter to deny Dodd’s previous claims that she had created her substance abuse for the show:

The Bravo star tweeted: “If I was going to do something just for ‘story line’ I would of picked something easier, being sober in this toxic environment ain’t easy….to have someone diminish the struggle is low, I’ve been blessed to have support and have been working a program, if you need help it works.”

Windham-Burke over the course of season 15, which debuted in October 2020, chronicled her struggle with alcohol as well as her intentions to achieve sobriety.

Ahead of the season premiere, she shared in an essay for Glamour that she used to drink until she “blacked out.”

“When I drank, I drank until I blacked out or got sick. But I never drank when I was pregnant or nursing — and in many ways, I think that probably saved my life,” the former blogger wrote.

“I went to a meeting when I lived in Miami, but instead of sticking to a program, I just got pregnant. I have seven kids, so that’s a huge chunk of my life that I was sober — or I should say, not drinking. Now I realize there’s a difference between not drinking and being sober, for me.”

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