Why Doesn’t Kroy Biermann Speak to His Parents?

Kim Zolciak

Getty Kim Zolciak and Kroy Biermann in 2017

During the past few seasons of Don’t Be Tardy, both Kim and Kroy Biermann’s parents have rarely made an appearance. This has left many fans wondering, why doesn’t Kroy Biermann speak to his parents?

During a March 2019 appearance on Watch What Happens Live, Biermann explained his current relationship with his parents. “They’re great people you know,” Biermann said to Andy Cohen, as noted by Page Six. “It’s just, we don’t jive.” During Season 3 of Don’t Be Tardy, Biermann and his wife also talked more about the strained relationship with Biermann’s parents.

“Kroy’s parents weren’t very happy with our marriage. I’m not picture-perfect, I had two children before I got married to your son…” Zolciak said during the episode, according to Bravo. During the scene, Biermann chimed in, “You are picture perfect, but you’re not picture perfect to them.”

Biermann continued, saying in a confessional interview, “That’s life. You’re gonna have problems with your family. We’re humans, we all make mistakes, we all go through problems, but at some point you have to put some more love, some more work back into that f***ing relationship on both sides. If you never do that, it’s over… it’s frustrating that the kids can’t see their grandma and grandpa.”

Kroy Biermann’s Parents Allegedly Tried to Breakup Their Wedding

During a September 2018 appearance on Heather McDonald’s Juicy Scoop podcast, Kim Zolciak revealed that Biermann’s parents had even gone so far as to try to stop their wedding from happening. “We didn’t know this until after our wedding,” Zolciak revealed during the podcast episode in 2018, as noted by Reality Blurb. “They were at the wedding, but we found out two weeks later that they were in our driveway with a preacher praying against our wedding the day of. There was a circle of them in their family praying with their preacher and a pastor to block us from getting married that day.”

Zolciak continued, as noted by Reality Blurb, “At this point, it’s like you know what? You have to protect you and your [immediate] family. I just want my kids happy.” Zolciak also noted that her husband’s parents still sent the kids gifts during birthdays and holidays despite them not getting along.

Kim Zolciak-Biermann Doesn’t Speak to Her Parents Either

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It looks like Kroy Biermann isn’t the only one who doesn’t speak to his parents. Kim Zolciak doesn’t speak to hers either. Zolciak’s relationship with her parents blew up during her 2011 wedding to Biermann, after Zolciak wouldn’t let her mother use the restroom inside their house. Zolciak’s mother also tried to sell a tell-all book about Zolciak, according to People.

Zolciak spoke more about her own relationship with her parents during a 2017 episode of Don’t Be Tardy.. “You can only do so much to a human being,” Zolciak-Biermann said to her daughter Brielle in 2017, as noted by People. “I took it for 34 years until I finally said it’s not worth it to me. My mom, she was good in a lot of aspects. But when my mom told my husband on the day of our wedding to ‘f— off’ and she’s going to burn the f— house down? No”

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