Fans Criticize Kyle Richards & Mauricio Umansky’s Reactions to Kathy Hilton in Aspen

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Getty Kyle Richards and Mauricio Umansky.

In “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” season 12, episode 16, the cast traveled to Aspen, Colorado, and spent time at Kyle Richards’ home. Her husband, Mauricio Umansky, accompanied the women on their vacation. 

While getting ready for dinner, Crystal Kung Minkoff told Richards that her “husband needs tables.” Umansky replied, “I don’t need anything, I need people to serve themselves.” When Richards’ sister, Kathy Hilton, requested grilled corn, he told her, “you can do whatever you want.” The 63-year-old also asked for napkins, serving utensils, and butter. 

“Oh for f*** sake. I mean I would never put my sister in any category of being easy,” said Richards during a confessional interview. 

The mother of four also asserted that Hilton is “very high maintenance.”

The Instagram account, OMFGRealityTV, shared the scene. Quite a few social media users shared their opinions on the matter in the post’s comments section. 

“She’s literally asking basic questions…. I’m confused on what’s high maintenance about her questions😬😬,” wrote a commenter

“Wait…napkins, utensils and butter for corn is high maintenance?? Yall trying this storyline so bad! 😂,” added another

“Well. That was rude. ‘You can do whatever you want.’ Smh. Just grill the d*** corn. Who eats boiled corn when the grill is out?” asked a social media user

“Kyle does the most! Her sister was not being extra,” asserted a Bravo fan

“She was asking for simple stuff that a host with common sense would’ve already had there and ready……asking for utensils and napkins is considered high maintenance ?” inquired a different person

Reddit Users Commented on the Scene

Kyle Richards

GettyKyle Richards of RHOBH.

A Reddit user shared the clip on the Bravo Real Housewives subreddit. Several RHOBH viewers flocked to the post’s comments section. 

“He’s so passive aggressive. If he can’t put aside a certain of level negativity towards Kathy and Crystal because Kyle hates them then he shouldn’t be there,” commented a Reddit user

“What Kathy is asking for isn’t high maintenance at all? Kyle always over dramatises other peoples actions yet she hardly ever takes accountability for hers or Mauricio’s,” shared another

“He was kinda rude to Crystal too when she said ‘Kyle your husband needs more tables’ and he says ‘I dont need anything, I need you to serve yourselves,’” stated a commenter

“Why would you host people at your house and then be rude to them ? especially when crystal was actually trying to help prepare food .. all that money for that house and the kitchen is almost the same size as my apartment kitchen and I can barely move around or have enough counter space. so yeah mauricio get more tables or whatever ! & kathy wasn’t rude either! both kyle and mauricio were rude af to her .. I could brush kyles response to what steak kathy should get bc as a host sometimes I’m flustered doing a lot and a dumba** question like that, I might respond the same esp to my sister . however mauricio was just rude and lazy ! he seemed over it when he was freezing outside to grill. is kyle bringing him so he doesn’t have free time alone away from her ? hmmm the speculation lmao I mean it does explain a lot. from his attitude towards everyone and the girls. to why were wondering why the h*** is he even there ?! also I think it’s hilarious how they are trying to do this wholesome thing but it seems a mess bc you know they’re used to having maids and cooks prepare and set everything up,” wrote a Reddit user

“I don’t care whose high maintenance I would be mortified if my man talked to my friends and family like that. Why does Kyle everytime she has them over at one of these houses she never hires any help?” asked a Bravo fan

Kathy Hilton Discussed Her Trip to Aspen in July 2022

Kathy Hilton

Getty ImagesKathy Hilton.

Hilton spoke about her experience in Aspen during a July 2022 interview with Extra TV. She explained that she had “family drama” with Richards. The “Paris in Love” star suggested that issues arose after she spoke about her sister when the cameras were not rolling. She also explained that she was tired when she arrived in Aspen, as she had been traveling to promote her daughter, Paris Hilton’s Peacock original series, “Paris in Love.”

“It was something off camera that I was sharing because I was kind of venting and you know, I’m sorry and I’m sorry for upsetting anyone,” said Hilton.

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