Kyle Richards Addresses Her Future on RHOBH As Grueling Season 13 Comes to an End

Kyle Richards

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Kyle Richards spoke out about her future on “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills”  days before the season 13 finale is set to air on Bravo. Amid a difficult season that included an awkward on-camera conversation with her now-estranged husband Mauricio Umansky, the RHOBH OG admitted she’s on the fence about returning for more drama next season.

Speaking in February 2024 with Entertainment Tonight, Richards admitted this was her most difficult season yet and she’s “just  sort of waiting for it to be over.”

Of returning for another round next season, she admitted,  “This season, when I was struggling so much personally and I felt like people were coming at me when I really just needed friends and support, I really thought, how can I continue to do this? Why would I put myself through this? I was already struggling so much in my personal life, why would I want to be tortured in front of the cameras, and then have to relive this again in six months? But, obviously, one day the time will come where I say enough is enough.”

Kyle Richards Admitted She Questions Her RHOBH Role Every Year


NBCUniversalThe cast of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.”

Richards is the only original RHOBH star standing. She has been on the Bravo reality show since it debuted in 2010. She knew the season 13 reunion taping would be bad, but she also noted she had a similar scenario eight seasons earlier while taping the season 5 reunion with his sister Kim Richards.

“Season 5 was pretty brutal… You know, seeing that split screen with my sister, Kim, and me, I will never forget,” she told ET.

In 2015, the Richards sisters had a huge blowout over Kim Richards’ dog, as seen in video posted on As they argued over Kim’s dog, Kingsley, allegedly biting Kyle’s daughter’s finger, Kim screamed, “She’s horrible…This is why I don’t like her!” The tear-filled sisters’ fight went on for several minutes during the season 5 reunion.

In a 2021 interview with Pedestrian, Richard admitted that she will “eventually have to walk away” from the Bravo reality franchise.

Addressing future seasons of the show, Richards told ET,  “Every year it’s like, should I? Should I? I remember years ago saying, after season 5, I’m not doing anymore. Here I am. But, you know, right now it doesn’t sound so great. But I hate to even say that because who knows what I’m going to feel like in a month or two? I don’t know. I don’t have that answer.”

Kyle Richards Addressed Questions About Returning to RHOBH With Her Sisters


Richards is currently on good terms with her sister Kim and their eldest sibling, Kathy Hilton, who appeared on seasons 11 and 12 of the show as a “friend of.”

Speaking with Access Housewives Nightcap in February 2024, Richards admitted she might be ready for a break from the show. But she added that she would love for her sister Kathy to return if she does indeed come back herself. “Yes, it makes sense,” she said. “I’m saying if I’m back I would love to have her back.”

She also noted that fans want her sister Kim to make a return. Kim was cast member for five seasons and made several cameos on season 13.

“Everybody wants to see the three sisters,” Richards said. “It’s so funny because they’ve seen us fight so much, but they really love the three sisters together. Of course, when the show that was originally going to happen with Kathy, Kim and Kyle, way before the Housewives, nobody really knew the dynamic of our relationship. So now it’s like, OK, now people want to see for another reason.”

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