Lisa Barlow Gives Update on the $60K Ring She Lost on ‘Real Housewives’ Girls Trip

Lisa Barlow

Heavy/NBCUniversal Lisa Barlow.

Lisa Barlow gave an update on her missing $60,000 ring.

“The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City”  star lost a pricey sparkler in an airport bathroom while traveling on a girls’ trip in Palm Springs, California.

“My ring — it is totally gone,” Barlow said in the season 4 RHOSLC episode, “Vacation Crashers.” “I am pulling up my jeans and I feel my ring start to slip off my finger. And I felt like I caught it, and then I looked and I’m like, ‘Oh, my gosh, my ring is missing.’”

Barlow also said her husband John would “kill” her when he found out she lost the ring. “I literally stayed in that bathroom for at least 45 minutes,” she said in a confessional. “What a s*** way to start this trip. I still can’t even believe this just happened to me.”

In the September 19, 2023 episode “All Tricks, No Trust,” the Vida tequila founder was seen in a montage of clips as she repeatedly talked to everyone about her missing ring – even to motel owner Trixie Mattel.

Following the episode, Barlow gave an update on social media to reveal that her ring was never recovered.

Lisa Barlow Never Found Her Ring, But She Did Buy a Replacement

In an RHOSLC confessional scene, Barlow explained that her missing ring had “sentimental” value, which made it irreplaceable. But she did get herself a substitute ring.  When a fan on Instagram asked if Barlow had replaced the ring, the  Bravo star replied, “Yes.”

On Twitter, after another fan wrote, “NOT YOUR RING!! 😭😭😭😭 I WOULD BE BURNING THE PLACE DOWN! #RHOSLC,” Barlow revealed that her husband had given her the original ring. “From John. I was so upset.  💕💕💜,” she wrote.

When the fan asked if she ever replaced her ring, Barlow replied, “Yes. It’s not the same because it was special from JB. I was so worried he was going to be upset.💕💕.”

The day after  the episode aired, Barlow posted to the X app to say, “Hope everyone is having an amazing day …. with exclusion to the f****** who think I overreacted to losing my ring less than 8 hours prior to that amazing dinner at Cary Grants estate.”

She also revealed that a major search for her ring went on in the airport bathroom. “They took the toilet off the wall,” she wrote on X.

Monica Garcia Called Out Lisa Barlow for Going on About Her Ring

On RHOSLC, Barlow’s ring was brought up again during a girls’ dinner in Palm Springs when new cast member Monica Garcia said to her, “It was hard to listen all day to you losing a $60,000 ring.”

Barlow explained that she was “stressed” and ”sad” about the situation. “It’s sentimental,  it’s more than just a ring,” she said.

Garcia revealed that while she felt for Barlow, she couldn’t relate to her. “I feel for you. I tried to help you. Girl, I reached my hand in a tampon box for you. I’m just saying, be aware,” Garcia said.

When Barlow said they both have the same things, Garcia told her, “No, you have a $60,000 ring, I have a $100 ring. That’s very different. I get it’s hard for you and you’re very emotional, but just be aware. You’re very blessed., that’s all I’m saying, so just be aware that some people aren’t.”

Barlow clapped back in a confessional. “When you can afford to buy a $58,000 ring, you’ll care about it too. Shut the f*** up,” she said.

On social media, some fans were put off by the entire thing.

“How does anyone have a ring that costs that much yet hasn’t sized it? Or are we just thinking like poor people?” one commenter wrote on YouTube.

Another compared Barlow’s $60,000 ring rant to the classic “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills”  scene in which cast member Dana Wilkey boasted about her $25,000 sunglasses.

“Every time lisa barlow says, ‘my 60k ring’ this immediately comes into my mind #RHOSLC,” one fan tweeted with a GIF of the famous RHOBH scene.

On her Instagram story, Barlow shared a comment from a fan who defended her reaction. “If she had played it cool and NOT cared that she lost a $60,000 ring, the girls would have thought she was just as out of touch,” the fan wrote.

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