READ IT: Lisa Rinna Posts, Quickly Deletes Message About Kathy Hilton

Lisa Rinna

Getty Images Lisa Rinna quickly deleted a post she shared on her Instagram Stories.

On September 22, 2022, Lisa Rinna was sharing posts on her Instagram Stories as she normally does. However, there was something that she shared and quickly deleted — but not before people could grab screenshots.

The “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star has been a topic of conversation amongst fans since an incident involving Kathy Hilton occurred during the cast trip in Aspen, Colorado. The women had noticed some strange behavior from Hilton during a night out and when Hilton told her sister Kyle Richards that they needed to leave, Richards said no. It was Rinna who offered to leave with Hilton — and it’s what happened next that’s in question.

According to Rinna, she and Hilton got into a sprinter van before arriving back at Richards’ vacation home. Throughout this time together, Rinna said that Hilton had a “meltdown.” Although Rinna didn’t go into great detail in regard to what was said, she claims that Hilton’s behavior was something that she had never witnessed before. In addition, none of the “meltdown” moments have aired on the show.

Rinna’s recent post on her Instagram Stories was about the incident with Hilton, but Rinna decided it was best not to keep it up.

Here’s what you need to know:

Rinna Shared a DM in Which Someone Told Her Hilton Was Having a ‘Manic Episode’

As Rinna tried to make sense of what happened with Hilton on the September 21, 2022, episode of RHOBH, a viewer sent her a direct message that she briefly shared on social media.

“What you saw with Kathy was a complete manic episode… they’re very scary and shocking to witness… Kathy has them… when Paris was going out in NYC they were frequent…and well documented in NYC,” the message, which can be seen in a screenshot shared on Reddit, read.

“So you say…” Rinna captioned the post before deleting it from her Instagram Stories. Rinna didn’t post anything else RHOBH-related the rest of the night.

Rinna hasn’t said anything else about the episode or about Hilton on her social media.

Hilton Thinks That Rinna Is Trying to Keep Her Job on the Show

Fans have been constantly debating whether or not Rinna is being 100% truthful in addition to wondering what Hilton said that seemed to stun Rinna so much. However, it doesn’t look like people will be getting answers anytime soon.

Although the September 28, 2022, episode seems to promise more details, without actual video footage of what went down, fans will be left to believe whatever they want.

Meanwhile, Hilton has her own thoughts about why Rinna is being so secretive and making a big deal about what happened after the two women left the club together.

“Rinna does not EVER cower when someone is losing it! She jumps right it! So that makes me VERY suspicious,” someone commented on the Behind the Velvet Rope Instagram.

“She’s trying to save her job at @kathyhilton ‘s expense,” another Instagram user responded.

“So true!!! I wish I could repost this,” Hilton chimed in.

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