Lisa Rinna Under Fire From Fans Over ‘Horrible’ Choice

Lisa Rinna

Bravo Lisa Rinna

There have been countless fashion hits and misses in “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” throughout the seasons and an outfit worn by Lisa Rinna last week in episode 9 of RHOBH’s season 12 was the latest one put on blast by fans.

The look was for Sutton Stracke’s luncheon and the Bravolebrity wore a red long-sleeved bodysuit by Versace paired with a blue Attico skirt and red Versace platform pumps, according to her tweet. Many Bravo viewers didn’t seem to love the outfit, though, as social media was filled with reactions to Rinna’s look.

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Fans Had a Lot to Say About Rinna’s Outfit, With Many People Slamming Her Shoes

Rinna was blasted by fans for her fashion choices that episode, with many people zeroing in on her Versace shoes specifically and Rinna’s comments about not wanting to damage them in the mud at Stracke’s home. One person wrote, “I would have told Rinna to leave. She was so rude complaining about everything. Those shoes were so ugly mud could have only improved them.”

Someone else wrote on Facebook, “Not even Dorothy would’ve worn these red shoes. Put them in the back of the closet or trash. I hope she didn’t pay for them! smh.” The post racked up over 1,000 likes and comments, including one person who said, “I think she looks ridiculous.” Another said, “She looks like a clown.” Someone else said, “She really needs to rethink her stylist. Last few years have been shocking for her. She’s been wearing some terrible things.”

Someone commented, “I don’t care the designer, they’re not flattering.” Another person said, “Can’t wear them in the muck, you say? Take them off and throw them in then! They’re fugly af!” Someone agreed, “She should have taken the opportunity to ruin them in the mud then she would have had the perfect excuse to throw the f****** horrible things away.” One person said, “I Wouldn’t [Buy] Them At Goodwill For $1.99.”

Several people quoted a variation of RHONY star Luann De Lesseps’ iconic line and said, “Well, even Versace makes mistakes.” One person wrote on Reddit, “This look screams 70s porn director.” Someone else said, “It’s giving Austen Powers evil villain,” while another said, “It’s giving Scooby-Doo villain.” One person commented, “The fact that she PAYS someone to make her hair look like that….” with the mind-blown emoji.

Rinna Wore the Outfit at Stracke’s Luncheon, Where She Confronted the Host

Rinna’s outfit was for Stracke’s housewarming party and luncheon. The episode saw the RHOBH women sit down for lunch, with the exception of Diana Jenkins, who said she couldn’t make it because she was sick.

The women discussed Jenkins not telling Stracke that she couldn’t make it, which Garcelle Beauvais said was “rude.” Stracke mentioned that she didn’t like passive aggressiveness, at which point Rinna chimed in on Jenkins’ behalf and told Stracke, “Well, that’s the pot calling the kettle black, isn’t it?”

The episode ended mid-luncheon with the preview for the following week showing that things will only heat up more between Stracke and Rinna, according to a Bravo TV clip.

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