Should Lisa Rinna Be Fired From ‘RHOBH’?

Getty Images Fans think Lisa Rinna should be fired from 'RHOBH.'

Lisa Rinna is part of the cast of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” for season 12, and some fans are wondering why Bravo keeps her around. A Reddit thread was started by a fan of the show who doesn’t think that Rinna brings anything to the table. The Redditor called Rinna “tacky and obnoxious,” and wondered why Rinna is still on the show.

Season 11 of “RHOBH” saw Rinna and Erika Jayne’s friendship blossom. And while some fans seem to love that she likes to start drama and stir the pot, others are clearly over her, and are ready for a change.

Here’s what you need to know:

Rinna Could Be Kept Around for the Drama

It seems as though many “Beverly Hills” fans realize that Rinna is really good at getting conversation’s started by poking the bear, so to speak. Some fans seem to think that her knack for getting people riled up is what keeps her on the show season after season.

“She is [professional] sh** stirrer, and drops crazy gossip bombs, that starts everyone fighting, she has the formula down,” wrote one Redditor.

“It’s uncomfortable to watch her interact with people because everything has an ulterior motive behind it, I’d like to see someone join the show with actual things going on in their own life, that doesn’t need to insert themselves into someone else’s struggle to get a bit of airtime, and someone who was just authentic and honest,” added another.

“She clearly does what the producers want her to do in order to secure her spot on the show. That’s my theory,” a third Redditor commented.

“Bravo thinks she’s the villain that everyone loves to hate. They’re completely out of touch with the fandom. At this point the majority of us hate to hate her and don’t want to see her ever again,” a fourth fan wrote.

A Petition Was Started to Have Rinna Fired From Bravo in 2020

Fans of the “Housewives” franchise got together in 2020 to sign a petition in hopes of having Rinna removed from the show — and fired by Bravo. When Rinna was confirmed for season 11, some fans took to in hopes of getting Bravo’s attention.

“Lisa Rinna’s tweets and actions she has recorded and posted on social media [are] hateful and disrespectful to fans [and] viewers of the show. She prompts toxic responses from people and is alienating people from watching the show. Her presence is killing the show,” the petition reads. To date, more than 5,000 people have signed it. However, Rinna was back for season 11 and will be back for season 12.

Some fans even took to Rinna’s social media posts to let her know that they dislike her. And, according to Wonderwall, she actually responded to at least one person who said she should be fired.

“Do [you] feel good saying that Karen? Gosh I’d never want someone to lose their job and livelihood. What makes you like that Karen?” Rinna wrote.

Rinna has been part of the “RHOBH” cast since 2014.

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