Former RHONJ Star Claims Melissa Gorga & Margaret Josephs Aren’t Really Friends

Margaret Josephs and Melissa Gorga.

Getty Images A former "Real Housewives" star doesn't believe that Melissa Gorga is really friends with Margaret Josephs.

A former “Real Housewives of New Jersey” star claims that Melissa Gorga’s on-screen friendship with co-star Margaret Josephs isn’t actually real.

The comments were made by Siggy Flicker, who appeared on the franchise in 2016 and 2017. Flicker was a guest on the June 27, 2023, episode of the “AllAboutTRH” podcast where she dished on RHONJ past and present since she left the show after season 8.

At one point during the interview, Flicker was asked about Gorga’s friendship with Josephs and if she thought the two are “loyal friends.” Flicker responded, “no. Not only are they different [from each other], you have to understand something about Melissa. She doesn’t care,” Flicker said, explaining that Gorga cares about the show and her family, and her actual friends but feels as though “everything else is a job.”

Here’s what you need to know:

Siggy Flicker Says Melissa Gorga Is ‘Professional’

Since Josephs joined the cast in season 8, she’s linked up with Gorga and the two have seemingly become friends. However, Flicker thinks the friendship is manufactured for the show.

“Melissa knows that Margaret has pull with the producers,” Flicker said. She compared being on “Real Housewives” to a “chess game” and explained that Gorga is playing along accordingly. “She knows how to play the game. And, I told you, she’s very professional,” Flicker added.

The former RHONJ star went on to praise Gorga for “getting in front” of problems that arise and facing them head on. “She takes it as a job,” she continued.

“Margaret is her friend on the show. She needs Margaret more than Margaret needs her because Margaret has ties to production and she needs people on her side who will go up against Teresa,” Flicker said, repeating, “it’s a chess game.”

Melissa Gorga Previously Said That Margaret Josephs Was ‘Relentless’ Going After Teresa Giudice

Perhaps supporting Flicker’s take on Gorga and Josephs’ relationship, Gorga previously opened up about Josephs in a chat with Page Six.

“Margaret was completely relentless. She really was. She had an opinion on something and she was not letting go,” Gorga said of a fight between Giudice and Josephs that aired in 2022.

“It sucks for me, to be honest, because it’s my family and then they’re my girlfriends who actually treat me really well,” she continued, adding, “They’re very good friends to me, they really are … but this is my sister-in-law. So when they all go at it, I just want to walk out of the room! I try to bring them back together as much as I can. But screw it! You guys are old enough, you know what you’re doing. Figure it out.”

For the time being, Gorga and Josephs’ friendship won’t be filmed as season 14 of “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” hasn’t started production just yet.

“We have to figure out. We’re at a crossroads with Jersey and there are several options because they’re both wildly popular. They’re both really popular and they’ve both been on, I mean you know Melissa’s been on television for 10, 12 years,” executive producer Andy Cohen told Kelly Ripa on the May 31, 2023, episode of her “Let’s Talk Off Camera” podcast.

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