Real Housewife Jumps on Melissa Gorga After Incorrectly Answering Question

Melissa Gorga

Heavy/Bravo/Youtube Melissa Gorga

The “Real Housewives of Miami” star Alexia Nepola called out Melissa Gorga during an appearance on “Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen” on April 3.

Nepola, who’s also appearing on “Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip” season 3, was playing a game with Cohen called “Who has more followers?” She had to choose between two Bravo stars and guess which one had the most Instagram followers. When she was asked who had more followers between Teresa Giudice and Gorga, Nepola replied that Giudice had more.

Her response ended up being incorrect, and Nepola appeared surprised that Gorga had more. She told Cohen, “She bought them, she bought them… they don’t count.”

Gorga has not yet responded to Nepola’s claims. The RHOM star is close friends with Gorga’s sister-in-law and RHONJ rival, Teresa Giudice, and Nepola has commented on their friendship in the past. In February 2023, Nepola shared on WWHL that she and Giudice have “become very good friends” and said, “I know she’s very passionate — so she’s like me in that way — but she has such a good heart.”

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Alexia Nepola Also Shaded Leah McSweeney While on WWHL

While appearing on WWHL, Nepola also had some strong opinions about her RHUGT co-star Leah McSweeney.

During the second episode of RHUGT season 3, McSweeney said that Nepola’s life story “bored” her, in reference to Nepola confessing to the group that her ex-husband Herman Echevarria had been in a relationship with a man, which she only learned about after he died in 2016. McSweeney also said on the Peacock show that she felt like Nepola sounded scripted when speaking and that she “sucks the air out of the room.”

Nepola told the WWHL audience that McSweeney was the biggest drama queen on RHUGT season 3 and said she’d love to vacation with any of her co-stars from the show again in the future with the exception of McSweeney.

“Honestly I’m not trying to pick on her,” she added, “but I just didn’t find her interested in us, so why would I be interested in her?”

Alexia Nepola Called Leah McSweeney a Snooze-Fest on RHUGT Season 3

It’s not the first time Nepola has spoken out about McSweeney’s behavior on season 3 of the Peacock show, which was filmed in Thailand in the summer of 2022. She told Us Weekly‘s “Getting Real with the Housewives” podcast on March 24 that she thought McSweeney’s comments were a projection of her own issues.

“I thought it was a self-reflection of herself because she came into the group being a snooze-fest and the boring and just calling attention in a negative way,” Nepola said. “I was actually surprised because there’s nothing boring about my story.” Nepola pointed out that the other women were all interested in her story.

At the time, the RHOM star also pointed out that maybe McSweeney’s negativity was coming from the fact that the women were all drinking whereas the former RHONY star lives a sober lifestyle. “I thought, maybe, she was even jealous that we were getting drunk, and she wasn’t drinking,” Nepola shared on the podcast. “I respect that, and I applaud that for her, but just because she doesn’t want to do it, doesn’t mean that she had to like mess it up for us.”

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