RHOBH Personality Reveals She Was Ready to Get a Divorce During Her First Season

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Former “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave became a cast member in season 8. The reality television personality continued to star in the Bravo franchise until season 10, which premiered in 2020. She also had brief appearances in seasons 11 and 12.

Teddi and “Real Housewives of Orange County” star Tamra Judge invited their respective husbands, Edwin Arroyave and Eddie Judge, to record the March 27 episode of their podcast, “Two Ts In A Pod.” While recording the podcast episode, the Arroyaves, who have been married for nearly 12 years, spoke about their marriage.

Teddi revealed that she was considering divorcing her second husband during the production of RHOBH season 8.

“I remember my first day honestly it was like ‘f***, at what point do I tell everybody that I’m getting a divorce, like when do I do this?’” recalled Arroyave.

The reality television star also revealed she felt thankful that she was starring in RHOBH as it would financially enable her to be able to leave her spouse.

“I can say my first season all I thought was ‘thank god I have this show because when we break up, I’ll have something,'” said Teddi.

She explained she and Edwin, the father of her three children, were “at [their] worst absolute phase” while filming RHOBH season 8. She stated that at the start of their relationship, they were “kind of equals.” However, their marriage took a turn for the worse when Teddi had difficulty getting “pregnant naturally” and eventually decided to undergo fertility treatment. The 41-year-old also noted she felt discontent in her marriage because Edwin “was in charge of [their] finances.” In addition, she claimed that her husband “said the most terrible thing” during the production of her first season on RHOBH.

“I just started hating him for everything,” admitted the former “Celebrity Big Brother” contestant.

Edwin disclosed he “was ready to leave everything” because of their problems. He explained he had neglected his marriage, which caused him to start “dislik[ing] it.” The father of four then stated he believed that starring on RHOBH salvaged their relationship. Teddi also revealed she had an easier time working on her marriage after she decided to start “loving [herself] again.”

Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave Discussed Her Marital Issues in November 2022

Teddi spoke about her marital issues during a November 2022 episode of “Two Ts In A Pod.” She shared that she and Edwin attended a marriage retreat where they were able to discuss their past problems. She explained that when she “originally started on the show,” she and her husband “had gone through something pretty difficult.” The All In founder noted she ignored the issues “because [she] just wanted to give the illusion that [their] life was perfect and everything was perfect.”

Teddi also revealed that her husband exhibited certain behaviors that hurt her. The mother of three shared that on their final day of the marriage retreat, “Edwin finally opened up and answered all of [her] questions” regarding his unspecified transgression.

“He was like ‘I’ve been hearing you, I wasn’t ready to hear because then I feel some of the pain because some of the pain that I caused you. Let’s talk about it and you can ask me anything.’ And honestly, I could cry right now and I feel like 1000 pounds have been lifted off because I have been wanting to know the answers,” said Teddi.

Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave Revealed She Was Not Being Vulnerable With Her Family Following Her Cancer Diagnosis

In October 2022, Teddi announced she was diagnosed with Stage 2 melanoma. During a November 2022 appearance on the “Tamron Hall Show,” the former RHOBH star opened up about her diagnosis. She shared she did not initially let her family know she was suffering due to her health issues.

“I felt really strong and I felt like I had to put on a good show for my family and then I realized because I was tense and I wasn’t being who I am naturally to them and being authentic and vulnerable to them is what they needed,” explained Teddi.

The upcoming thirteenth season of RHOBH does not yet have a release date.

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