Former RHOBH Star Reveals the Truth About Those Intro Diamonds

RHOBH intro still.

Bravo/YouTube Teddi Mellencamp spills details on the diamonds held by the RHOBH cast.

If you’re a fan of any “Real Housewives” franchise, you may be very familiar with phrases like “earning her diamond” or “holding an apple.” These sayings refer to women who have been given full-time Housewives status on a given franchise.

The full-time Housewives participate in a photoshoot that becomes part of the intro package that airs before each episode. These women are given something to hold to represent their respective Housewives franchise.

In New York, for example, the women hold apples in the show’s introduction. In Atlanta, the women hold peaches, and, in Orange County, the women hold — you guessed it — oranges.

For “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” the coveted diamond is one of the most recognizable items in all of the franchises — and only a select few have been given an opportunity to pose while holding one.

Fans may or may not have been finding themselves wondering how heavy the diamonds are, what they are made of, and other details about the props. And former RHOBH star Teddi Mellencamp has revealed those answers.

Here’s what you need to know:

Mellencamp Said the Diamonds in the RHOBH Intro Are From Michaels

On the May 9, 2022, episode of the “Two T’s in a Pod” podcast, Mellencamp revealed the truth about the RHOBH diamonds that are part of the show’s intro.

During a chat with “Real Housewives of New Jersey” star Jackie Goldscheider, Mellencamp’s co-host Tamra Judge — who used to hold an Orange — pointed out that New Jersey is the “only franchise that doesn’t hold something in their intro.”

Judge asked Goldschneider about it and wondered what she thought the women should hold. Goldschneider responded that either a glass of wine or a tomato would be appropriate for the RHONJ ladies, most of whom are Italian.

Goldschneider did admit that holding something could be “dangerous” because they’d probably throw them at each other. Goldschneider suggested that the women be given something soft to hold, just in case.

From there, Mellencamp shared how every RHOBH can own an intro diamond of their own; simply take a trip to Michaels.

“Our diamond things that we hold, well that I used to hold, from Michaels, they were quite heavy. But they were pretty cheap. They’re only 14 bucks,” Mellencamp revealed.

The RHOBH Cast Was Originally Supposed to Hold Champagne Flutes

Believe it or not, large $14 diamonds from Michaels weren’t the original vision for the RHOBH intro. When the show kicked off, the ladies were supposed to be holding champagne flutes in their intro shot.

“We did the champagne, but in the wake of Kim [Richards] being outed as an alcoholic, it felt in poor taste, and so I think we got diamonds by default,” executive producer Dave Rupel explained in an interview in 2015.

These days, the “Real Housewives of Potomac” hold champagne glasses in their intro. The “Real Housewives of Miami” were given mojitos, and the now defunct “Real Housewives of Dallas” held stars.

It’s unknown why RHONJ stars don’t hold anything or if producers will end up giving the women a prop in future seasons.

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