Ubah Hassan Has ‘FOMO’ After Missing RHONY Filming

Ubah Hassan

Bravo / YouTube Ubah Hassan

“Real Housewives of New York City” star Ubah Hassan had to miss out on multiple days of filming during season 14 after testing positive for COVID-19. After just missing out on Erin Lichy’s tense 10-year anniversary party in episode six, she also had to skip Brynn Whitfield’s Christmas decorating event on August 27’s episode seven.

While Hassan was missed by her co-stars, with Jenna Lyons saying, “I’m over [Ubah] being sick. I literally have not seen her in three weeks,” she was the most upset by her absence, as she revealed in an August 24 interview with Entertainment Tonight.

“I’m getting a lot of FOMO [‘fear of missing out’] whenever I see the scenes that I wasn’t a part of,” Hassan told the outlet, referencing both the scenes she was sick for and the ones she wasn’t invited to, “Because they went to play chess without me.”

Ubah Hassan Says Sai De Silva ‘Got Bruised’ By Brynn Whitfield

One event that Hassan did not miss out on was Whitfield’s birthday party later in the season, which Entertainment Tonight said serves as season 14’s finale party and features an unexpected fight between Whitfield and Sai De Silva.

When asked what led to the two friends getting into a fight in the finale, Hassan shared, “I think Sai and Brynn, they were getting along quite a bit. And Sai took Brynn under her wings, and she got bruised a little bit. There was a little character switch, and I think Sai got hurt a little. But people are going to be very surprised why they are arguing.”

Hassan also spoke about the upcoming season 14 reunion, which she is not looking forward to.

“I want to be cool like a cucumber dipped in chocolate, but I know people are going to come for me,” Hassan said, “Listen, I only match energy. You give me love, I give you triple love. You give me hell, I give you a volcano.”

Andy Cohen confirmed that the RHONY reunion taping was on the horizon in an August 27 tweet, writing, “My team is getting ready for THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NEW YORK CITY REUNION! Tweet me all of your questions for the ladies NOW and let me know where you’re from in the question!”

Ubah Hassan’s RHONY Co-Stars Celebrate Her Birthday

Despite all the drama playing out on screens, Hassan’s castmates shared their love for her in various Instagram posts on her 40th birthday on August 27.

“Happy birthday to my gorgeous friend [Ubah] ❤️ Wishing you everything you wish for yourself this year 😘” Lichy wrote in an Instagram story, “Thank you for making me laugh harder than anyone else. I love your soul ❤️❤️❤️🥹🥹🥹 Looking forward to all the future has in store for us 🥰🥰”.

“Partner in fun. Flawless inside & out. Impeccable taste in music. Witty. Classy. Best smile. Selfless. Kind. Pure,” Jessel Taank wrote over a photo of Hassan in her own Instagram story.

Whitfield spoke to how supportive Hassan has been to her in her Instagram story birthday tribute, writing, “This woman- I have called her crying, at my LOWEST. Insecure about life, worried finding love, that I’ll never be a mommy, worried about money, worried I’ve made a massive mistake. Ridden with fear & anxious thoughts… I leave her, or get off the phone with her, and i feel better. Idk about you, but I don’t need a friend at my highest. I need friends I trust w/ my secrets & insecurities; friends who remind me of who I am when I can’t see it or believe it myself.”

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