Shep Rose’s Age & Height; How Old & Tall Is the Southern Charm Star?

Shep Rose

Getty Shep Rose from Southern Charm

If you’re an avid Southern Charm watcher, you definitely know who Shep Rose is. Rose has been on the series since it’s first episode and has gained a large fan following throughout the years. Rose is also known on the show for his good looks, which begs the question to fans, how old and how tall is Rose?

According to Bravo, Rose is 41 years old, and his birthday is on September 27. Last year, Rose celebrated his 40th birthday with his family in the Appalachian Mountains in North Carolina, according to Bravo.

Even though many fans might think that Rose looks younger than he is, it’s no secret that Rose is quite tall. According to his Google bio, Rose is 6 feet, five inches tall. Viewers will get to see a lot of Rose on this season of Southern Charm, which airs on Thursdays at 9/8c on Bravo.

Rose Recently Revealed That He Almost Quit ‘Southern Charm’

During a November 4 interview with Entertainment Tonight, Rose revealed that he almost didn’t come back to Southern Charm for Season 7. Many of the cast quit before Season 7 started filming, including Rose’s close friend, Cameran Eubanks.

“Last season was hard for me, and I’m not pointing fingers because I’ve pointed them at myself, as well,” Rose revealed to Entertainment Tonight. “I was disillusioned. I talked to Cameran and was like, ‘I don’t think I want to do this anymore,’ just because of social media. … It’s just hard when people are hammering you … [and] it’s hard to block everything out.”

Rose continued about Eubanks, “She just said, ‘It’s not worth it to me and I’m not gonna do it.  [But] we found out that no one person is bigger than the show. Sure, we have our moments, people who have been on the show since the beginning, Whitney [Sudler-Smith], me and Craig [Conover]. I wonder, if I left would it still [work]? But I think we’ve got ourselves a good season.”

Rose Said That He Wants to Be ‘Proud’ of ‘Southern Charm’

During a recent interview with Decider, Rose spoke about Season 7 of Southern Charm and said that he has always wanted to be proud of the show. “There are not enough hours for the show to show everything,” Rose told Decider. “But as long as it’s — in my mind, or in my castmates’ mind — as long as it’s pretty down-the-middle and true, then I can live with that. I really am optimistic about this season being true to form, and maybe a return to some of the earlier seasons — where friendships, and foibles as well, everybody’s redeemable. There’s nobody who’s truly bad.”

Rose continued, explaining to Decider, “At the end of the day, I want to be proud of the product that is our show. I have been proud and happy to be a part of it. And happy to give someone a distraction from some problems they might be having at home or wherever. They can just unplug and watch and laugh, or shake their fist or whatever. As long as it’s truthful and it’s real, as much as possible, I will continue to do this. I think that’s the deal.”

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