Sloth on ‘The Masked Dancer’ Clues & Guesses So Far 1/13/2021

The Masked Dancer Sloth

FOX Sloth in the "Group B Playoffs - These Masks Don't Lie" episode of THE MASKED DANCER.

For episode 3 of The Masked Dancer on FOX, the remaining 4 contestants from Group B take the stage for more performances, guesses, and clues. One of those Group B performers still in the competition is the Sloth.

Here’s what we know about the Sloth, and which celebrities could be performing behind the disguise of the Sloth mask:


Sloth on ‘The Masked Dancer’ Clues

When the Sloth took the Masked Dancer stage for the first time, the judges commented on his height and size, adding that he “seems” funny.

During his first video clue package of the season, the Sloth said “I worked hard to get to where I am.” “Glee” toothpaste stood out as a potential clue, as well as the phrases “Mickey Mouse operation” and “Stronger than yesterday.”

Some visual props and elements during the Sloth’s debut performance that stood out included a treadmill, weight lifting, an alarm clock, a cabana on the beach, and gymnastics rings. He also put up the “L” sign on his forehead during his dance.

The Sloth’s “Word Up” clue, which he delivered in his real voice without the voice modulator, was “Broadway.” The judges noted that he has an accent but said it might be a red herring meant to throw them off.

At the start of the Sloth’s second video package, he said he was out of his comfort zone for his debut performance, before saying that he was just kidding because “That’s not hard for stars like me.”

He said that when he was younger, he and his family moved to “a new place with a new language,” where he eventually earned a “reputation as a bad boy.” Sloth also said, “I was afraid to show people the real me, but I took a chance and jumped.”

Some visual clues were a baseball, soccer ball, football, airplane, a mirror, boombox, an “I HEART U” card, and skydiving.

Sloth’s second “word up” clue was “leading man.” Ken Jeong wondered if it might be an actor who can dance.

‘The Masked Dancer’ Sloth Guesses

When the Sloth danced for the first time this season, the panelists’ guesses were all over the place. They guessed it could be Matthew Morrison, Kevin Federline, or even Jason DeRule behind the mask.

Another guess circulating among fans on social media is that the Sloth might be Dancing With the Stars and World of Dance judges Derek Hough.

After the Sloth’s second performance to “Up Where We Belong,” which featured ribbon twirling, Paula Abdul said the technical difficulty of ribbon dancing earned him a spot in the Super 6.

Jeong said the sloth is “the one to beat,” and guessed it might be Hamilton‘s Jonathan Groff.

Guest judge Cheryl Hines said she didn’t get the “trained dancer” vibe from the Sloth, and guessed it might be Keegan-Michael Key.

Ashley Tisdale guessed Will Ferrell, who did the ribbon dance in Old School. Abdul said she choreographed him once.

New episodes of The Masked Dancer air on Wednesday nights at 8/7c on FOX.

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