A Peek at the Many Peak Memes Devoted to ‘Pike’s Peak’

Pike's Peak Is ParaMOUNT

Unknown Fan Pike's Peak is ParaMOUNT.

“Star Trek: Strange New Worlds” stars Anson Mount, Rebecca Romijn, Ethan Peck, Celia Rose Gooding, Babs Olusanmokun, Jess Bush, Melissa Navia, Christina Chong, Bruce Horak, and Mount’s epic hair, dubbed by many fans, Pike’s Peak. The hair is a salt-and-pepper marvel, a magnificent mane that’s inspired many a meme. Fans have shared more than a meme here and a meme there, and Mount himself has liked a few of them. Heavy writer Eric Pesola recently posted a feature that examined the popularity of “Strange New Worlds” and Pike’s hair, interviewing Danny Epperson, who created the Twitter account, “Captain Pike’s Hair” (@CaptPikesHair), which is devoted to Pike’s Peak and other “Trek” news.

Now, Heavy has done the heavy lifting of collecting a collection of Pike’s Peak memes — along with some fan comments — from across the Internet and gathering them all in one place.

Fans Are Animated about Pike’s Peak 

Pike's Peak

Unknown FanPike’s Peak goes all Johnny Bravo.

Warren Kinsella (@kinsellawarren) tweeted: “Captain Pike’s hair should have its own series.”

Star Trek Pike (@CaptainPikesEnt) tweeted: “The HIGHlight the week, and I mean HIGH! I do love Pike’s magnificent hair but it is getting a little out of hand… Next thing you know it’ll detach and reveal itself as sentient.”

Hot Mess & Blessed (@HotMessBlee) tweeted: “All I want from Strange New Worlds is for Pike’s hair to get taller each episode. Like, don’t acknowledge it. Then it becomes Lord of the Tribbles. Make it So.”

Kirk Climbs Pike’s Peak Because It’s ‘Hair’

Pike's Peak Meets 'Star Trek V'

Unknown FanCaptain Kirk never misses an opportunity to spring into action.

David Landon (@4gottenfuturist) tweeted: “My new headcanon is that Captain Pike’s accident was orchestrated by William Shatner, who was jealous because of his hair.”

Eize Basa (@PonchoRebound) tweeted: “Moment of silence for all the men in the late 40s currently thinking ‘I bet I’d look really good with Captain Pike’s hair,’ having momentarily forgotten that they are not Anson Mount.”

The Final Frontiersmen (@TheFinalFM) tweeted: “Whether wrestling a bad guy on the ground or a bad girl in the sheets, Captain Pike’s hair remains unflappable. What do you call this force of nature?”

Pike’s Peak Is ParaMOUNT

Pike's Peak Is ParaMOUNT

Unknown FanAccording to one fan, Pike’s Peak is ParaMOUNT.

Mallon Khan (@mallon_khan) tweeted: “I missed a few major plot points in the latest episode of ‘Star Trek: Strange New Worlds’ because I was VERY distracted by Pike’s hair.”

Rick (@JovialVulcan) tweeted: “I know we joke about Pike’s hair getting bigger in each episode, but it really was bigger in this episode, right? I’m not imagining that?”

Jen (clever Pride handle goes here) (@jentalleydesign) tweeted: “Pike’s hair is very Johnny Bravo this week. His anti-gravity styling gel is doing a lot here.”

Pike’s Peak Reaches Extra-High

Pike's Hair, Really Crazy

Unknown FanIt’s as if Pike’s Peak couldn’t get any higher.

Eliza Kenobi (@ElizaKenobi) tweeted: “Christopher Pike’s hair. Holy s–t, it is glorious. There should be ballads written to his salt & pepper gloriousness. My fingers are itching to touch it. I bet it smells like pine trees and romance heroes.”

Deb (@OnceUponLA) tweeted: “I need a scene in which Cpt Pike gets called to the bridge in the middle of the night without any time for hair care. We know it can resist tumbling in the sheets and a blow strong enough to knock Pike out. But can it resist water or pillows?”

Kevin Blumenfeld (@kevinblumenfeld) tweeted: “First off, Pike’s hair is beautiful. Though I wouldn’t mind a sort of weird non-canon Treehouse of Horror type episode where Pike’s hair gets taller in every shot, like the amazing hat gag in Scary Movie 3.”

‘The Cage’-Era Pike Gets the ‘Strange New Worlds’ Treatment 

Captain Pike

Unknown FanSean Kenney’s Pike enhanced with a Pike’s Peak.

Colin Tucker (@colintucker) tweeted: “The three most power-intensive systems on the Enterprise: 1. The warp core. 2. The main deflector. 3. The force fields keeping Captain Pike’s hair perfect in every scene.”

Trish she/her/ma’am (@bunkeymunkey) tweeted: “Women have had hair that is extraordinarily extra on ‘Star Trek’ for 56 years. It’s about time men do some of the high-maintenance heavy lifting. Pike’s hair is magnificent and anyone that says otherwise can meet me at the Vasquez rocks for a fistfight.”

Commander06 (@IceCommander06) tweeted: “Troi senses Pike’s glorious hair. Now she has to tell Picard his bald head sex appeal is no more.”

Captain Pike’s Hair is a Symbiont 

Captain Pike

Unknown FanOne fans thinks Pike’s hair is a symbiont.

On June 11, 2022, the site Nerds & Beyond ran an interview with “Star Trek: Strange New Worlds” costume designer Bernadette Croft. The writer, Brittany Knupper, and Croft had the following exchange of conversation:

Nerds and Beyond: I was going to ask about his hair, because it’s so large and epic, like Tan France from Queer Eye levels of volume. It’s really fantastic.

Bernadette Croft: I’m here for the hair. I love it. Anson has incredible hair. But it’s crazy. So it’s quite a lot of work to get it looking right. When we first fit Anson, when he came in he looked like this grizzly man. Like his hair was crazy. He had this big bushy beard, like Santa vibes for sure. But he scrubs up so well. And he’s such an amazing captain. And he’s doing an incredible job. They’re all doing an incredible job.

Mount himself has had some fun responding to tweets about Pike’s hair.


And, “Star Trek” fans appreciate that Mount is having a good time commenting on the comments about Pike’s Peak.

Ace Armstrong (@AceSmellsFunny) tweeted: “Possibly one of the best things about “Strange New Worlds” is that @AnsonMount is here for all the jokes about Pike’s hair, and absolutely revels in it. That sense of humor shows through and is part of what makes the whole show so likable.”



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