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    Marva Hicks, who died on September 16, 2022, was a two-time 'Voyager' guest star and scored a hit R&B single.

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    Zoe Saldana has new projects on the way, including her first TV series starring role, and pays tribute to Nichelle Nichols, who originated the role of Uhura.

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  • ‘Star Trek V’ Actress Cynthia Gouw Looks Back at Resurfaced Deleted Scene, Remembers Co-Star David Warner

    Cynthia Gouw, who played Caithlin Dar in "Star Trek V," discusses a key deleted scene and shares memories of her late co-star, David Warner.

  • Tony Dow, ‘Leave It To Beaver” Star & “Deep Space Nine” Director, Dead at 77

  • BREAKING NEWS: 4-Time ‘Star Trek’ Guest Actor David Warner Dead at 80

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  • Keye Luke’s Groundbreaking Career Spanned from ‘Charlie Chan’ and ‘The Green Hornet’ to ‘Star Trek’ and ‘Gremlins’

    Keye Luke, who helped open the door for Asian and Asian American actors in Hollywood, made one memorable trip to the "Star Trek" universe.

  • Legendary ‘Star Trek’ Model-Maker Gregory Jein Dead at 76

  • ‘Strange New Worlds’ Star Christina Chong Dishes on Cute But Hairy Scene Partner

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    Spock, Khan and Dr. McCoy figure into a fascinating -- and recently resurfaced -- deleted scene from the "TOS" episode, "Space Seed."

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  • All About ‘Strange New Worlds’ Star Bruce Horak’s Other Career: He’ll Paint a Portrait of YOU

  • ‘Strange New Worlds’ Redshirts Discuss Their Possibly Dark Futures

    Melissa Navia, Celia Rose Gooding, Christina Chong, and Bruce Horak share their thoughts on the mythical 'Redshirt Curse' and how it could impact their roles on 'Star Trek: Strange New Worlds."