These ‘Star Trek’ Actors are Helping Star Trek Online Celebrate its 11th Anniversary

Screenshot from Star Trek Online House Reborn Klingon content

YouTube Screenshot from Star Trek Online House Reborn Klingon content

Star Trek Online, the massively multiplayer online game set within the Star Trek universe, celebrated its 11th anniversary on January 26th. Each year, the anniversary date kicks off a week of special online content within the game.

Players can participate in daily challenges and side games to earn exclusive items and perks. The game creators also release new storyline content for anniversary week each year, and this year’s content focuses on the Klingons.

Two veteran Star Trek actors, Mary Chieffo and Sam Witwer, have joined the cast of Star Trek Online voice actors to help bring two of these Klingon characters to life.

House Reborn

The new Klingon storyline, which launched yesterday on PC, expands on the Klingon lore established in seasons one and two of Star Trek: Discovery. Players, known in-game as Captains, play through the content alongside J’ula, T’Kuvma’s sister. With her, players travel to a Klingon holy site in an attempt to save the Klingon empire, which was torn apart after the events of Discovery.

Players will battle their way to their destination, fight enemies of the Empire, and uncover the truths that could reunite the Klingons. Along the way, players will run into some familiar faces, from both Discovery and other Star Trek series.

L’Rell and Tenavik Return

Screenshot from Star Trek Online House Reborn Tenavik and L'Rell


L’Rell and Tevanik both played crucial roles in the events depicted in seasons one and two of Discovery. So, it’s no surprise that players will encounter both of these characters on their journey.

Chieffo, who played L’Rell in seasons one and two of Discovery, will bring the character to life again for the video game. She’s voicing the character for all the storyline content. How her character fits into the storyline is one of the big teasers for the new content.

Tenavik will make an appearance as well, though he won’t be voiced by the actor who played him in the television show. According to the game’s website, Kenneth Mitchell, who played the character on the show, was instrumental in guiding the new voice actor for Tenavik on how to bring the character to life.

In the game, Tenavik will be voiced by Witwer. Though he’s best known for his Star Wars work, Witwer is a Trek veteran as well. He appeared in one episode of Star Trek: Enterprise as a Xindi sloth. He also voiced The Guardian in the Star Trek New Voyages: Phase II television show.

As with L’Rell’s role in the storyline, Tenavik’s is unknown. However, the trailer shows some interesting scenes with the two characters. So, it seems they’ll have fairly pivotal roles, as they did in the television series.

A New Klingon Experience

Screenshot from Star Trek Online House Reborn Klingon content


The game’s website also revealed that playing through the game as a Klingon Captain has been totally revamped. People who want to play through the game as a Klingon character can have a whole new experience with the game’s original storyline. The art, graphics, and voice-overs have all been redone to create a richer experience. Additionally, players can now choose to play through the game as a Discovery-style Klingon instead of the classic Klingons that have been available in the past.

The new Klingon experience was released just in time for the Klingon-centric anniversary content. So, as it says on the website, “It’s the perfect time to be a Klingon.”

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