‘Survivor UK’ Returning After 20 Year Hiatus

Survivor UK

YouTube Logo of season 1 of "Survivor UK," "Pulau Tiga," as shown in the theme song.

CBS’s “Survivor” is known for spawning many international offshoots, not least among them the ongoing “Australian Survivor,” “Survivor: New Zealand,” and “Survivor: South Africa,” all of which have become relatively popular among American audiences.

Recently, however, news has broken that another English-language spin-off of the original “Survivor” season will be seeing a revival: that of the short-lived “Survivor UK,” which will see a third season be released on BBC One after 20 years.

‘Survivor UK’ Season 3 Will Air Sometime in 2023

After much speculation, the BBC announced on Monday that it will be rebooting the British spin-off of “Survivor,” which is scheduled to be released at some point in 2023. According to the press release, the show will air on BBC One, the BBC’s flagship television network. The new series will consist of 16 episodes and 20 castaways, split into two tribes, similar to several seasons of the American version.

Kate Phillips, an executive in the reality division of BBC, said in a statement:

‘Survivor’ is a global television hit and to be able to bring one of TV’s most successful formats to audiences in the UK in a uniquely BBC way is a very exciting prospect indeed.

Natalka Znak, the CEO of Remarkable Entertainment – the company responsible for producing the new series – said in a statement that “Survivor” is the “greatest gameshow on earth for a reason – it has everything – reality, adventure, drama, and the ultimate game. I can’t wait to be boots on the ground … to make this epic series for the BBC.”

Further details of the upcoming season, including the exact release date, host, and contestants, will be released in due time.

The First Two Seasons of ‘Survivor UK’ Were a Ratings Failure

Mark Nicholas and Mark Austin

GettyMark Nicholas in 2018/Mark Austin in 2019.

UK’s “Survivor” originally aired in May of 2001, about a year after the original American season, “Borneo,” aired in May of 2000. Another season, “Panama,” followed season 1 in March 2002, and lasted until May of that year. Both seasons aired on Britain’s ITV; however, unlike the American series, the British version ended up being a ratings flop. The first season, “Pulau Tiga,” gained only around half of the audience ITV anticipated, per Digital Spy.

Despite changes implemented by the network for the second season in an attempt to reduce costs and increase viewership, the show never succeeded to gain the cult following it achieved in America, and as a result was canceled. Until, of course, now.

The first season was hosted by English television journalist Mark Austin – who now works for Sky News – and was won by 24-year-old police officer Charlotte Hobrough, while season 2 was hosted by cricket commentator Mark Nicholas, and won by Jonny Gibb, also a police officer.

Unlike other international series of “Survivor,” the UK version stands apart by being the only series to have had a £1,000,000 prize, equivalent to about $1.14 million USD, as of September 2022. It is currently unclear as to whether the million-pound prize will stand, though it seems likely to be the case.

Both seasons are currently available to watch free on YouTube. Season 1 can be viewed here, while season 2 can be viewed here.

Be sure to catch our live coverage of the two-hour “Survivor 43” premiere on Wednesday, September 21, 2022, at 8 p.m. Eastern.

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