Are Rachelle Perez and Chase Keough Dating Again?

Chase Keough

Instagram/Chase Keough "16 and Pregnant" subjects Rachelle Perez and Chase Keough share daughter Boston together.

16 and Pregnant subjects Rachelle Perez and Chase Keough share daughter Boston together. The October 13 episode of the MTV reality show depicts Rachelle’s family’s disappointment with her pregnancy and her tumultuous relationship with Chase, who some accuse of being controlling. So is the couple still together?

Rachelle confirmed to Heavy she and Chase are still together. “I was 19 and Chase was 22 when we first found out I was pregnant,” she said. “My relationship with Chase has improved a lot from when we were filmed. We are still not perfect, but who is?”

In her episode, Rachelle talks about suffering from depression. “My battle with depression will always be hard, so I try to focus on the little things in life and how blessed I am to live another day,” she told Heavy.

MTV urges viewers who are struggling with their emotional health to check out for ways to get help.

Rachelle’s Family Was Heartbroken To Find Out She Was Pregnant

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In a sneak peek clip shared by MTV, Rachelle met with her parents over breakfast where they told her they were disappointed. The youngest of five siblings–who almost all had children young–they had hoped for more for her.

I’ve been feeling really lonely and missing my parents so I agreed to meet them for breakfast. I’ve avoided talking to them and I’m nervous because I know I let them down, especially my mom.

It’s still really hard for her because she still hasn’t come to terms that she’s pregnant

Now that you’re having a kid, you’re going to be the same,” her father tells her in Spanish. “You shortened your freedom. You didn’t enjoy your youth as it should be.”

Her father, Marvin, was optimistic about Chase. “I do see him as a good guy,” he said. “He seems responsible. He likes to work and that’s important.”

Her mother, Miriam, wasn’t as convinced. “It’s not that I don’t like him but I also can’t be very for him. I’ve seen things from him that I don’t like,” Rachelle’s mother said in Spanish. “So the only thing that I can tell you is always stand up for yourself and you are the one who has to respect yourself. And you are the one who has to love yourself so that he can respect you.”

Things, however, have improved between Rachelle and her parents. “We have recently had a huge reality check and appreciate each other a lot more,” she told Heavy.

Why MTV Decided To Reboot 16 And Pregnant

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16 and Pregnant, which originally launched in 2009 and inspired popular spinoff series like Teen Mom OG and Teen Mom 2, has been off the air since 2014. Executives at ViacomCBS Entertainment decided to bring the show back to show the unexpected pregnancy journey from various perspectives–not just the mother. That means family members other than the mother will also give video confessions during each episode.

In Rachelle’s case, it’s her sister Iris who speaks to the camera. There’s also a scene where Chase discusses his relationship status with a friend.

“More than a decade after 16 and Pregnant played a significant role in bringing the teen pregnancy rate down to record lows, we are sharing the stories of a new generation of young parents and underscoring the impact of an unplanned pregnancy on families — beyond the moms and dads-to-be — by showing authentic and intimate moments with siblings and grandparents-to-be addressing the life change,” president and chief creative content officer for ViacomCBS Entertainment Nina L. Diaz told The Wrap in an exclusive statement last month.

To find out what happens next, don’t miss 16 and Pregnant when it airs after Teen Mom 2 Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET on MTV.

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