PHOTO: Fans React to Briana DeJesus’ Daughter’s Hair

Briana DeJesus

MTV "Teen Mom 2" star Briana DeJesus posted a new picture of her daughter, Nova, that showed the 10-year-old with a new haircut.

“Teen Mom 2” star Briana DeJesus posted a new picture to Instagram of her daughter, Nova, that showed the 10-year-old with a new haircut. DeJesus shares Nova with her ex-boyfriend, Devoin Austin.

DeJesus, 27, said it was a “Nova appreciation post” and disabled comments on social media.

In the first part of the post, DeJesus shared a video of Nova playing the piano. “She’s talented! She started taking piano lessons and is killing it! Her teacher wants her to do a recital!” the “Teen Mom 2” star wrote. “Love this girl and she makes me so proud! Can u guess the song she’s playing? she learned it all on her own!”

In the second part of the message, DeJesus talked about Nova’s hair.

“Gave her a big girl hair cut to get rid of all the damaged hair from processing it,” DeJesus explained. “She said she wants to stay natural! And bc of that, I decided to take a hair braiding class and educate myself on her type of hair! ❤️ #blackisbeautiful.”

In the final part of DeJesus’ post, DeJesus shared a video of Nova riding around on a Vespa with her 4-year-old sister, Stella. “She loves her Vespa! (Thrill-seeking just like her mom lol),” the MTV reality star finished.

Fans Praised DeJesus for Taking a Braiding Class

Viewers on Reddit widely supported DeJesus’ decision to take a hair braiding class. A number of fans also commented about Nova’s new look, saying her natural hair was beautiful.

Though most of the comments were positive, some people argued DeJesus should have learned how to braid hair earlier.

“Although nova is beautiful with any and every hairstyle under the sun, I’m glad Bri FINALLY took a hair braiding class,” they said. “This type of research should have been done when nova was about 1 so that she could’ve properly cared for Nova’s hair type from the start.”

“I’m so glad Nova is finally feeling comfortable in her natural hair ❤️ her crying because she wanted hair like Bri’s broke my f****** heart. She is BEAUTIFUL,” another wrote.

“I like that she’s admitting she’s lacking knowledge about Novas hair and talking about taking classes so many NB dig their heads in the sand and refuse to take the steps you need to get educated about textured hair,” reads one of the most popular comments.

Nova ‘Cried’ Over Her Hair

In 2018, DeJesus revealed that Nova wanted to have straight hair like the other girls in her gymnastics class, so she agreed to chemically alter her eldest daughter’s hair.

“Today Nova wants to straighten her hair,” DeJesus wrote on Twitter, according to In Touch Weekly. “She’s in gymnastics and comes home talking about how all the girls look the same. So today we will straighten her hair and hopefully this phase will pass again.”

“She came home crying the other day and I’m just so sad for her,” the mom-of-two continued, per the outlet. “No reason why a 7-year-old should feel insecure about themselves, but Momma is here to make sure you will be okay!!!”

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