Chelsea Houska Gets Real About Her Post Baby Body

Chelsea Houska

MTV "Teen Mom 2" alum Chelsea Houska debuted her body at three weeks postpartum.

Teen Mom 2 alum Chelsea Houska shared pictures of her body at three weeks postpartum. The former MTV personality welcomed her fourth child, daughter Walker June, on January 25. She took to her Instagram Story on February 17 to share the images, where she said she wanted to record and “embrace” her shape.

“Three weeks postpartum. Try to embrace and document the process. Our bodies are pretty fricken amazing,” she wrote, according to the blog Teen Mom Talk. “Also, everyone is different. DO NOT compare your postpartum body and journey to someone else’s.”

The first photo she posted showed her side view, and for the second picture, she showed what her body looked like head-on. Chelsea also shared her favorite fashion tip since she’s given birth to Walker. “High-waisted leggings are my BFF,” she noted.

It’s not the first time Chelsea, 29, has shared vulnerable images of herself after the birth of baby No. 4. She first showed off her tummy and “huge milk boobs” five days after Walker was born. “Still rocking a tummy that looks a bit pregnant and some huge milk boobs,” she said on January 31, as noted by Us Weekly. “Also, let’s keep it real real. The belly’s still chilling. Want to keep it open and homey this postpartum journey.”

This is the first time that Chelsea has been so open about sharing her progress after giving birth. The star hasn’t revealed what made her decide to share her journey this time around and has not mentioned her weight or weight loss.

Cole Always Wanted to Be a Father

Just as Chelsea has embraced motherhood since first having daughter Aubree when she was 17, her husband Cole DeBoer always wanted to be a father. Since Walker June’s birth, he’s been gushing over her by sharing various photos on social media, including an exclusive video that documented the final moments of Chelsea’s pregnancy.

“I always wanted to be a father,” Cole wrote via Instagram on January 27. “I never would have guessed I would be blessed and gifted four beautiful children. [Chelsea] thank you for this life and creating miracles. I love you. Not sure how this rugged good ole boy got as lucky as I did, but I truly couldn’t ask for anything more. Blessed with our new baby girl. She has a daddy who will love her with all his heart and then some. #blessedman.”

Chelsea Said She Looked ‘Haggard’ on Valentine’s Day

When Teen Mom 2 cameras were around Chelsea usually had her hair done, flawless makeup and a cute outfit. But with four children, and a newborn, the South Dakota native admitted she hadn’t showered and looked “haggard” on Valentine’s Day this year.

In fact, the chaos that comes with a family of six led Cole and Chelsea to accidentally celebrate the holiday a little bit early this year. “We spent almost all day ~yesterday~ celebrating Valentine’s Day since we 1000% thought it was,” she wrote on February 14. “I love this man SO much. Thank you for choosing me.”

While she admitted to not looking her best, Chelsea wasn’t ready to share a picture of what that looked like with her 6 million Instagram followers. “[The] picture [is] from last Valentine’s Day because today I look haggard, unshowered and in the same sweats I’ve been in all weekend,” she said.

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